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If you don't like the abnormal wind power you can tune it down with this mod

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Realistic Wind Effects
If you don't like the abnormal windscale in vanilla you have to install this mod.

it works with patch 1.31 + 1.32

Alternative files support IL1.2, PLM_U5, WLM 8 and CLM.   

This mod adjusts the heavy swinging tree effect at most weather conditions. Now the wind feels more naturally. Base game and HoS location (Toussaint is NOT included) having less wind power and a different weather frequency. 

The only file which was modified is weather.csv files. There is no additional script!

Preview of the effect (thanks to firemanaf!)

Versions work with Main Game & DLCs Hearts of Stone & Blood&Wine. 

INSTALLATION: just put the file in your witcher mod folder - after that manage a higher priority in your mod.list or rename my mod like "modaaabetterwind". You can ignore all conflicts if you see them in Script merger 

The mod IS NOT compatible with STLM because the author has modified the same files - I dont want to edit that files...
but IT IS compatible with the wonderful lighting mods Immersive Lighting 1.2 (DLC HoS + Blood&Wine) by r0x
and latest PLM Ultimate 5 (DLC HoS + Blood&Wine) by Mishikedman.
There are also compatible files for the Extended View Distance Mod (=Vanilla file) and Cutscene Lighting Mod (DLC HoS + Blood&Wine)

 >>All modders are free of using that without permission...have fun!!