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This mod makes quest reward XP follow a nice expontential curve.

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What does this mod do?
In Witcher 3, the amount of XP you get for completing a quest is fixed for that quest, unless Geralt's level is 5 or more higher than the quest level, in which case you get nothing.
With this mod, the amount of XP you get also depends on the difference between your level and the quest level. If you have a higher level than the quest, you get less XP for it (but always more than 0). If you have a lower level than the quest, you get more XP for completing it. The exact XP gain follows the formula: XPTotal = QuestXP * 1.07^(QuestLevel - PCLevel). This leads to the XP curve you can see in the image.
For instance: If you are 40 levels above the quest level, you get ~7% of the normal quest XP. If you are 20 levels above, you get 26%. If you are at the quest level, you get 100%. If you are 15 levels below the quest level, you get 276% of the normal quest XP.

Extract the archive and copy the folder modSmootherQuestXPCurve into your <witcher3-directory>/mods-folder. Delete it to uninstall. NMM should also work, but I have not tested it.

This mod requires Patch 1.31.

Smoother Quest XP Curve is compatible with existing saves, but does not retroactively change the XP of previously completed quests.
This mod only modifies the game/ script file. If you want to use this mod in combination with another mod that also modifies that script file (which many gameplay-related mods do), use a script merger of your choice.

CD Projekt Red, for this awesome game and the mod tools.

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