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Geralt speed is now related to the armor he wears. In additon to that, in light armors he is considerably faster than in vanilla game, and protection offered by armors is changed. Made for patch 1.22.

Permissions and credits
Update 1.2:
- Added option to override currently used armor type, so game will see it as light/medium/heavy armor. Disabled by default, you can set in in options.
- Armor types are not altered anymore in files, so Blood and Wine is not needed.
- Added function that will load default options on first start, so adding values manually to user.settings is no longer needed.
(after loading a save/starting new, but just once, before adjusting options how you like it load a save/start new game)

- Animation speed is now based on all armor parts. By default parts affect speed like this:

 Main armor part 50%
 Pants 30%
 Gloves 10%
 Boots 10%

 For example when you have fast attack on heavy armor set to -50%, and on light to 50%, and you have heavy armor chest piece and pants, but light gloves  and boots, fast attack speed will be:
 50% * (-50) + 30% * (-50) + 10% * 50 + 10% + 50 = -30%
 There 2 other presets that you can set in options, one is just slightly altered so main armor part has 55% modifier, and pants 25%. The third preset is 25%  for each armor part.

- Included Next version by Fnts, changelog of Next Version:

1. Adjusted the way of armor resistance altering. Now it scales not the resistance itself, but the damage     received, so 1 - resistance. Positive values decrease the damage taken, negative increase it, so there is NO revert of meaning in config. This way the resistances scale better when there are significant differences between particular damage resistances in same armor. Also there is no possiblity to achieve 100% damage resistance.
2. Lowering dodge speed now influences also the overall dodge efficiency. That is because just the slower animation doesn't really give any handicap, which should be the case with heavy armor with increased resistance. Lowered dodge efficiency includes: dodge requires better angle, dodge has a chance to fail, for some attack types like stomp or giant's anchor longer distance is required, Fleet Footed skill has lower damage reduction. All that is proportional to dodge nerf setting. With this version of the mod, it is not recommended to use higher dodge nerf than -25% (default -15% for heavy armor). Roll value should be close to dodge when negative, but unfortunately there is also some roll animation misbehavior when slowed down too much (vanilla stuff propably, so affects main version also), so value lower than -12% is not recommended.
3. Animation factors logic small fixes.
4. Default config values adjusted (now also slightly altered by main version 1.3). Medium armors by default reset to vanilla defaults, so all 0. If you want to make a medium armor more like light armor with higher speed and lower resistance or like a heavy with slower speeds and higher resistance that is up to you. If you switch from base version of this mod to the "Next" version, re-adjust the config, because with the changed logic, old values will cause different behavior.
5. Bug fix - fist fights now are not affected by the armor speed settings. With current logic of the mod, fist fights mechanics was rather broken making it unjustly difficult or easy.

- Small change in animations speed altering method, so -25% dodge/roll nerf will look better.
- Minimum/maximum values for speed nerfs/buffs limited to prevent unrealistic looking animations and other problems with them.
- Default speeds changed to slightly altered version from Next. Current default values:

Heavy Armor:
- Fast attack speed -20%
- Strong attack speed -15%
- Whirl speed -25%
- Dodge speed -15%
- Roll speed -12%

Medium Armor:
- All set to +0 (so it will be like in vanilla)

Light Armor:
- Fast attack speed +10%
- Strong attack speed +10%
- Whirl speed +15%
- Dodge speed +20%
- Roll speed +25%
Armor resistance:
- Heavy armor + 25%
- Medium armor default (+0%)
- Light armor -30%

If you don't want to use armor type override, and just want to have Manticore Set as Light Armor, you can use my mod Light Manticore.

Note: If you use armor type override, you will get stamina bonus or nerf. For balance it is good to use then stronger armor resistance nerf or bonus accordingly than you would without any override for given armor type (for balance).

Lore Friendly Armors and Reflex

Geralt speed is related to the armor he wears. But to compensate that, protection offered by armor types is altered. Made for patch 1.22.

Protection is changed in script calculating taken damage, so you will not see difference in stats for now. Maybe I will do it by changing every armor stats in future, but this way it was just much faster to do. 


Version 1.2:

Just place "mods" and "bin" folder in game folder. If you are using any other mods, use Script Merger to prevent compatibility issues.

Older versions:

1. Move folder "modLFArmors" to <game folder>\mods.
2. Move modLFArmors.xml to <game folder>\bin\config\r4game\user_config_matrix\pc.
3. Go to Documents\The Witcher 3, open user.settings with notepad and add at the beginning of the file:


If you are using any other mods, use Script Merger to prevent compatibility issues.

Code altering Geralt animations speed is based on Witcher Reflex by uacvax (of course with his permission), big thanks to him. 

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