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Adds extra animations to Geralt.

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Extra Animations for Geralt


I think that some of the basic animations like looting, drinking, sitting are missing from the main game. This mod aims to add these (existing) animations to the vanilla game (no other gameplay modifications).

Currently, this mod offers:

  1. Sitting like in meditation state (long press Left Thumb)
  2. Drinking animations for potions (accessed from slots)
  3. Eating animation for food (accessed from slots)
  4. Oiling animation for the blades (blade must be unsheathed before)
  5. Looting animation with extra animation for looting herbs
  6. Mending animation of swords and armor at grindstones/workbenches (sword must be unsheated)

This mod is inspired by serveral other mods: Sit on demand, Primer & Eating and drinking animations

Current version:                   1.6.2,
Version in development:      1.7
Game version supported:     1.3 including all DLCs and Expansions.


The main goal is to use as many as possible animations which add to the immersion of playing with Geralt, thus, here are the plans:
  1. Refine animations according to a type of loot items.
  2. Add bending animations when Geralt is trying to open shafts.
  3. Most of the animations when initialized make Geralt static i.e. unresponsive in the battle, in the version 1.6 we shall introduce more responsive animation for drinking potions.


Two steps:

  1. copy the folder modAnimations/  to the Mods/ folder within Witcher 3 folder
  2. copy *.settings files to $HOME/Documents/The Witcher 3 (needed for mapping of some actions on the gamepad).

NOTE: The file input.settings should be set to read-only to perserve gamepad mapping. If you want to map some key to the action just add to
the inputt.settings in [Exploration] section value: IK_Key=(Action=Sit) where Key is some chosen letter.


This mod modifies,, so be careful if other mods are modifing these files. I cannot garantee that it works with other mods.
This mod has gamepad support on which is primarily tested.


Credits go to erxv, Skacikpl, SkylineR390  MaykonLexar for ideas and their source code which I used.


You can use, reuse, modify and distribute content of this mod as you see fit.

version 1.6.2
  • Added a mimick of the bottle in Geralt's hand (botle is upside-down placed in the hand). If someone knows how to modify position of the bottle his ideas are most welcome!
  • Supports game version 1.3.

version 1.6
  • Potion animation drinking differs from drinking eadibles.
  • Geralt drinks potions in a combat without changing its stance. Drinking eadibles should be used outside of combat.
  • In the current version, drinking potion is done by an empty hand. Current work in progress is to place some item in it.

version 1.55
  • alternative version of looting: Geralt examines loot container prior to taking things.
  • minor animation fixes.

version 1.5
  • Geralt uses only potions/food animations when weapon is sheated in combat, otherwise it uses vanilla settings (no animation, just the  consume effect).
  • Due to complaints regarding faster animations and slow motion where one could easily get stucked if an animation isn't finished this version gives lot of options how to use animations during the gameplay.

older versions:
v1.4    -- Geralt now drinks (just) potions in real-time while the environment is in slow-motion ...
v1.3    -- all drinking animations are the same where Geralt uses a bottle (i.e. no empty hands)
v1.2    -- added animations for Geralt when using grindstone and workbench
v1.1    -- new version, with copyright issues addressed.
v1.0    -- first version