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Mod that reworks the stamina system for combat and movement.

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Fight like a wolf

Fight with cunning where every move you make has consiquence and effect.

Change log

  • Increased stamina costs for actions (not signs) by 50% ish
  • Running out of stamina will prevent you from attacking and doing any combat manuvers ( this can lead to you getting murdered when youre not paying atteniton to the stamina bar )

  • Signs Cost less to cast 
  • Stamina regeneration is the same in and outside of combat
  • Stamina regeneration is much slower
  • Attacking costs stamina
  • Dodging costs stamina
  • Rolling costs stamina 
  • guarding dosent slow down stamina any further case that dosent make sense
  • Sprinting drains less stamina and begins to drain stamina straight away
  • running out of stamina prevents you from attacking, dodging & rolling

Play more meticulously, calculate when which move is worth making, give yourself time to get your stamina back during a fight.
Play on death march. I haven't tested it on other difficulties.

I plan this to be mod one of a chain of mods designed to bring realistic combat and experience to the witcher.

Give it to me!

Improve the mod?
Mods available on github, with a neat packing script and all that you can just download and play with it, if you want to learn from it improve it or integrate it in yer own. The script changes are commented with "// modFatigue" so you can find stuff neatly.