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Customize when the visual effects of toxicity are turned on and off: both the screen and the different face effects. Also bug fixes regarding the toxicity face effect. Compatible with the unification patch (1.31). Older versions available, too.

Permissions and credits
Version 1.3 released. Check the change log for all the changes and bug fixes.

Make sure to download the unification patch before! The Main file is only compatible with the unification patch.

If you don't want to use the unification patch, there are older 1.31 GOTY / 1.31 non-GOTY versions available but they are confusing.
So use the unification patch.


This mod lets you customize the percentage of toxicity at which the visual effects on Geralt's face and the screen are turned on and off. There are four different levels for the face FX in addition to the clean face in the game. Now you can choose when they start and stop showing on Geralt's face. If you have a character build that relies heavily on alchemy and you don't like looking at mutant Geralt all the time but you'd still like to see some effects, this mod is for you. The effects can also be disabled altogether if you so desire.

All settings can be configured in the in-game menu. Starting percentage for one FX should always be the same or higher than the ending percentage for that FX.

Bug fixes:
This mod fixes the bug where decoctions wouldn't always trigger face effects. There is also a (very, very hacky) workaround for the bug where Geralt's face becomes clean after quen breaks or when the effects of some of the mutations that were added in B&W are activated. This mod also tries to force the face effect to be refreshed before a cutscene starts but it's still sometimes bugged in cutscenes (though not as often as in vanilla).

Let me know if/when you find any bugs with this mod or situations where toxicity effects aren't displayed correctly. If you have any suggestions for improvements or whatnot, feel free to share them, too. :)

Known issues:
 - There are some cutscenes where the face effect might not be applied correctly. This can happen due to many different reasons. Usually the reason is that the player model and face are loaded when the cutscene starts but the game doesn't update/re-apply any effects, including toxicity, during cutscenes. Thus, the game never re-applies the face effect before the cutscene ends.
 - The face effect is disabled in scenes where Geralt has some other effect on his face, such as shaving cream (e.g. at the beginning of the game when Geralt is in Vizima and gets a shave).

1. If you aren't using the unification patch, download and install it first.
2. Unpack the mod and put it in [Path to Witcher 3]\Mods folder. You can use Nexus Mod Manager for this step.
3. Copy the "bin" folder inside "modCustomToxicityFXThreshold" folder and paste it in your Witcher 3 install directory. This file contains the menu for this mod.
4. Run Script Merger to merge any conflicts with other mods. If you don't already have Script Merger, you can download it here:

Please read the README.txt file included in the mod for more information about installation and configuring the settings.

This mod is compatible with unification patch (1.31). Download it first. There are also older versions but they can be confusing. This mod is incompatible with any mod that changes the visual effects of toxicity. It also modifies a few fairly general scripts so RUN SCRIPT MERGER after installation.

This mod is only available in English (you can, of course, still use it with any game language). If you would like to translate it to another language, please let me know.

- Technik / AsarGiN for giving me the idea for this mod with his mod
- Wasteland Ghost for making Friendly HUD and Unification patch. I looked through a lot of fHUD code to figure things out. Also Friendly HUD is just awesome. The unification patch is great, too, and required for this mod.
- rmemr for making w3strings encoder
- Everyone who has written Witcher 3 modding documentation at
- CDPR for making awesome games and the modkit