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Levelcap is increased to 200 to solve issue with Newgame+.

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WARNING: As reported from other players, quest items vanish if you pick them up with a character level above 100.

To solve this issue use this mod in addition (credits to Nordmann86): Level 100 plus - No quest item and treasure fix (1.22) (seems to work also for patch 1.30 and 1.31)

Increase Level Cap
On starting a Newgame+ Game your starting level is added to all level requirements. All quests, enemies, diagrams and items use this level offset for the calculation. But if you start Newgame+ with a high level you can no longer keep up with the level of your enemies and you can not use items that you find or craft, because Geralts level is capped at 100. To solve this issue this mod increases the level cap to level 200 for geralt.

For patch 1.31,  also works for GOTY patch 1.31.

extract contant of the archive into the folder ...\The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt\mods