The Witcher 3
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It changes the appearence of the wolven swords. Different options to choose, 3 custom made, trailer swords and a set of wolven swords that were cut off from the original game.

9 different scabbards to choose.

You can download only the swords OR only the scabbards... or both! whatever you prefer.

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Requires HoS and B&W DLC!

I never really liked how the wolven swords looked like, specially the superior/mastercrafted versions; besides, they looked exactly like the ursine versions, without the bear....  so I decided to create new models for those swords. I change the steel and silver sword, and also, now they will look the same no matter the tier they are...for example,  the enhanced steel sword will look exactly the same as the mastercrafted version.

I have also changed the Grandmaster versions, and as an optional file, you can download an optional set of scabbards for the wolven school swords! If you want the vanilla (red) scabbards, just download the main file... if you want the black scabbards, then you will also need to download the optional file. Install using NMM, it's the easiest way!

In the main file section, you will find the swords, steel and silver... in the optional section you'll find the scabbards. Download only ONE file from each section (one for the swords and/or one for the scabbards)... and of course, you can only download the scabbards if you are not interested in the new swords I made. 

For some reason, when applying  oils and runes, they look weird... I don't know why this happens, but if someone knows how to fix it, please, tell me how XD. Best not to use runes... as for oils, it's more an annoyance than anything else, you might not even notice.

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