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Mod that allows Geralt to shave or set specific beard with razor. He can also change his hairstyle with scissors. Made for patch 1.22/1.24/1.30.

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Geralt can now shave, set specific beard with razor or change his hairstyle with scissors. Both razor and scissors are in the inventory in the same category as food, it was necessary to get it working. You can use them directly from inventory or assign them to quick slots. 
Made for patch 1.22/1.24/1.30. (Make sure you use appropriate version)

Mod updated for GOTY patch 1.30, delete old version before updating.

- Update:
- Mod version that only has razor for shaving (it can't set any beard) and autospawns it in inventory added. If you want this download optional file OnlyRazor, and of course you can't use it together with main mod version.

- Update 1.3:
- Added custom hairstyles from bear/inquisition armor. (but they're incompatible with hoods)
- Added all beards. (except trimmed beard since it's the same as beard stage 3, just like in vanilla dlc beards don't grow ofc)
- Added option for disabling beard growth. (theoretically you don't want/need this if you're using this mod but still may be useful for someone).

If you're updating the mod to 1.3 from previous version and don't want disabled beard growth: either update user.settings with values below (BlockBeard=false specifically) or set it in game options after first launch. 

Also, I deleted modRazorTraders because scissors and razor are automatically spawned if they are not in inventory since 1.2 version.


Unpack the archive, place unpacked folders "bin" and "mods" in game folder, go to C:\Users\<your username>\Documents\The Witcher 3 and open user.settings with notepad, add at the beginning of the file:


If you want to use OnlyRazor, just place "mods" folder from it in game folder, nothing else.

If you are using any other mods, use Script Merger to prevent compatibility issues.

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