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Preset that makes the game look less vibrant (and less "tropical looking"), makes the colours cooler and adds a bit of contrast.
V2 now available!

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This preset Adjusts the Vanilla colours by making them less vibrant (and less "tropical looking"), makes them cooler and adds a bit of contrast.

This preset is light: does not impact FPS and does not mess up with the graphics (like a lot of the other popular presets)

NOTE: On my pc the screenshots looks a bit different than the in-game graphics, the end results should be better.

V2 update changelog:
-changed a bit the parameters of the colour correction
-Technicolor2 effect is now active
If you think this is a bit too desaturated, V1 is still available. 

There are 3 presets in the file all featuring the colour fix:

-one featuring only the colour fix, which is the lighter one and has little to none impact on FPS;
-one with the colour fix and the lumasharpen feature that sharpens a bit more the visual and has a very low impact on FPS (about 1 FPS less);
-one with colour fix and both lumasharpen and SMAA Antialiasing activated, but this has an impact of 4 FPS less.

The difference between this three presets is little, they all change the colours the same way. Choose depending on your hardware capability and your own taste.

The presets are made for reshade + sweetfx 2.0 

INSTRUCTIONS (if you already know how to use sweetfx, just download the presets file)

- Download the "Reshade Sweetfx 2.0 + colour fix V2" file here on nexus
- Open the archive and extract the "Reshade Sweetfx 2.0 + colour fix V2" folder somewhere on your pc (for example on the desktop)
- Open one of the three folders with the preset you want and extract its content in  /gog/the witcher 3 wild hunt/bin/x64  (which is the intallation folder where you find the "witcher3.exe" file)


Now start the game and everything should work. While in-game, press "scroll lock" on the keyboard to activate and deactivate the colour fix.

Recommended game settings:
If you chose one of the two presets with lumasharpen, set "sharpening" to off in the game postprocessing options.
If you chose the preset with SMAA, turn off the Antialiasing option in the game postprocessing options.
Adjust the "gamma" option after installation.

IMPORTANT: this mod does not work with FRAPS and other similar programs (It will crash). If you still want to see the FPS counter while playing, use rivatuner and MSI afterburner.

Sweetfx database link:
Reshade official site: