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An extended version of Long Journey mod by 1q2w3e1q2w3e. Disables fast travel between signposts except cross-region and some logically needed travels.

Permissions and credits
Based on the Long Journey mod, kudos to 1q2w3e1q2w3e.

What does this mod do?
  • Disables almost all fast travel routes except cross-region and some logically needed travels.
  • Also you can install patched roadsign descriptions mod which was designed to use with this one

  • When you press map menu hotkey ('M' by default), you will see all road signs on the map (original game behaviour).
  • When you activate the road sign itself, you will see only that road signs which you are allowed travel to.
  • You still can see activated road sign name (even if it does not have available destinations) so it can help you orientate yourself if you are using something like No GPS mod.

Possible routes
  • Vyzima -> Hanged Man's Tree (Velen)
  • Novigrad docks <-> Kaer Trolde Harbor (Skellige)
  • Vyzima <-> Nilfgaardian camp on south (Velen)
  • Vyzima <-> Woesong bridge (White Orchard)
  • Nilfgaardian camp on south (Velen) <-> Woesong bridge (White Orchard)
  • Brunwich (Hearts of Stone village) <-> Kaer Morhen
  • Hanged Man's Tree <-> Kaer Morhen
  • Cackler bridge (White Orchard) <-> Kaer Morhen
  • Plegmund's Bridge (Toussaint) <-> Vyzima
  • Plegmund's Bridge (Toussaint) <-> Novigrad nilf big camp on south

Possible conflicts
  • If you have FriendlyHUD installed, choose C + B (not B + C) for conflict (check the second screenshot).

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