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Are you annoyed with city guards being able to defeat Geralt and steal his money? Beatable Guards will scale down the guards' level(s), depending on the mod version you have chosen, thus making them Beatable!

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WEAK and FEARFUL Guards - Easy Version :        7 levels lower than Geralt

BEATABLE Guards - Normal Version : 
                     2 levels higher than Geralt

HARD and BEATABLE Guards - Hard Version :      2 - 4 levels higher than Geralt


  Geralt of Rivia is the White Wolf, the great monster slayer. But how can he be so amazingly brave and powerful, as described in songs and tales, if he gets into fights with guards and runs away, in fear of getting mugged?
    The solution to Geralt's problems is this small mod. Guards in The Witcher 3 are designed to be around fourteen levels higher than the protagonist. With this modification, their level is altered to follow Geralt's, depending on the version you have chosen.
    So, should the White Wolf's strength and masculinity be questioned, download this mod, and feel like a true mighty swordsman.


NOTE: If the listed methods do not fix your problems, you probably have outdated mods present in your 'MODS' folder or, more unlikely, mods which use the same file(s), despite Script Merger NOT detecting such.
This can only be fixed manually.

Should any script errors arise, use Script Merger (download link) to fix incompatibilities

For GOG users:

A script error like the one listed below may arise:

Error [content0]game\behavior_tree\tasks\monsters\ Class 'CBTTaskMaintainSpeed' already defined.
Error [content0]game\behavior_tree\tasks\monsters\ Class 'CBTTaskMaintainSpeedDef' already defined.
Error [content0]game\behavior_tree\tasks\reactions\ Class 'CBTCondIsMan' already defined.
Error [content0]game\behavior_tree\tasks\reactions\ Class 'CBTCondIsManDef' already defined.

This is not any mod's fault. There are two files in the install directory of The Witcher 3 preventing mods from working properly. In order to fix the script error you will need to delete the following folder:

X:\x\The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt\content\content0\scripts\game\behavior_tree\tasks\hacks
(the 'X' stands for the drive and folder in which you have installed the game)