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An improved version of the original Gwent Deluxe by Agame78.
Gwent Deluxe makes gwent more lore friendly, as well as more fun to play :)

Permissions and credits
Gwent Deluxe 2.0

The original Gwent Deluxe, developed by Agame78, was created with the intention of having a more lore-friendly, but still balanced version of gwent. Unfortunately, with patch 1.21 and the Blood and Wine-DLC, the mod broke due to the new faction and cards, and the developer had no time to fix it. Since I really liked the mod, I created this fixed version and will propably (if the original developer allows it) keep this mod updated.

With 2.1.0, the skellige deck is now updated as well. Notice that this is still work in progress - especially ermion. The skellige AI decks were changed as well. Also notice that Yarpen and Sheldon were moved from the northern deck to the scoiatel deck. If you used them in your nothern deck before, you have to move them out of the deck yourself (the game will then move them to the right faction as soon as you close the deck manager).

Things that will come in the future:
  • New texture for Regis. I've already started to work on that, but I unfortunately didn't get it to work for this update.
  • Ermion will summon druids. Since these druids are new cards, it's a bit more difficult to implement them
  • A version, which is compatible with "Gwent Restoring textures 2.0" is also planed
By the way, I'm currently looking for someone who could draw some gwent cards (the durids, for example). My drawing skills are ...not that good :P

Changes from the vanilla Gwent
There's now an article that includes all card changes, as well as their abilities, so that you know how each card works. Originally, I planed to to write this as changelog, but an article has better formating and allows comments :) If you find any mistake/missing change or whatever, feel free to write it under the article.

Well, just extract the zip file and place the "modGwentDeluxe2" folder inside your mods folder, but make sure that you deleted the original GwentDeluxe mod before you start the game. Also, the mod will propably not be compatible with any other mod that mods gwent.

Vanilla version
If you had installed any version of GwentDeluxe, you may can't switch back to vanilla gwent without loosing all your cards. The "vanilla" version of this mod fixes this bug (it's not fixed completely - you still have to keep this version installed!), so you can play vanilla gwent again. Notice: If you use this mod in combination of a savegame where the cards already disappeared, they will come back, but it's possible that you need to switch through the card filters within the deck-builder until the cards are shown correctly again. 
Also, remember to delete the normal GwentDeluxe 2 version when you install this version!

Tested with game version 1.22 and all currently aviable DLCs.

Have a nice day :)