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EDFX can switch between graphics profiles
EDFX is a multigame utility

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sorry, i don't update here anymore
you can grab real time news here about EDFX (works with multi-game)
and here for latest version
EDFX is working for all games but was made initially for EliteDangerous Then TheWitcher


sorry in advance for my poor english.

i done an utility called EDFX which is using Reshade framework.
This utility was developped initialy to manage Reshade settings profiles for Elite Dangerous.
it also install and uninstall automatically the reshade framework :)

Final user can switch between profile with only one click or by some hotkey (ingame and out game)

it s delivered with my own Reshade profiles
one 'photo-realistic' for The Witcher 3

more real time news here

some screenshots:

EDFX - August 31, 2015
don't forget to also read: ReadMe_EDFX_ingame_HotKey.txt
don't forget to also read: ReadMe_how_adding_others_profiles.txt

- All 2.2 profiles will provide increased FPS
- new main feature: added lots of graphics settings options, you will love it.
- now you can change the SCROLLLOCK toggleeffect key in <EDFX\hotkeys.ini> file
- if user change EDFX savefolder, <\framework> and <\cache> subfolder are removed first from destination folder to avoid 'folder merging' 
THX to Eternity57 from forum board
- EDFX windows is now desktop centered at launch
- Added a Third Party Profile for IL-2 Battle of Stalingrad (just sharpenning)
- 4 Elite Dangerous profiles are available
- Elite Dangerous profiles enhanced
deeper color
ambient light improved
Bloom around some planet fixed
- some hotkeys issues fixed 
- Added support for ReShade Framework (final version 1.0.0.x)
- older profiles are converted on the fly by EDFX :-)
- Windows 10 officially supported (i'm using Windows 10 pro X64)
- ReShade Framework: added message when ReShade Framework is not installed then ask user to download at official site
due to new RESHADE team rules, you must download MANUALLY ReShade framework core engine to make EDFX work
at launch, if EDFX detect that reShade is not installed, EDFX will ask you to download it and will open good URL for you.
Just drop the downloaded Reshade framework zip(*.7z) file in <my documents\EDFX\update> and let's EDFX unzip it and install it automatically for you
EDFX will assist you for this :-)
- remember you can update at anytime EDFX with last ReShade framework by dropping ReShade Framework zip file in <\mydocuments\EDFX\update> folder
(check your EDFX save folder settings if you changed default path)
- Graphics Profiles which were made for an older or newer reshade framework are automatically converted by EDFX to the current ReShade framework installed
- Added tabpage component for upcoming EDFX features
- added several DLL compatibility mode in <FX_settings> tabpage, should resolve most user's OS issues (settings are saved per game)
- EDFX save folder path can be set in <EDFX_config> tabpage
- you can now delete a custom game profile management (Game added by yourself)
- added ReShade framework status at the bottom of EDFX utility windows
- now game exe name is displayed in red when running.
- Reshade Version number is displayed at the bottom of EDFX window
- Added <Reset EDFX settings> button to reset EDFX settings (EDFX will close, relaunch it)
- Added <Reset EDFX cache> button to delete local EDFX profile cache
- Added a <Reset> button for EDFX save folder settings
- now you can delete association between hotkey and favorites profile
- HOTKEYS per game: you can override <hotkeys.ini> settings per game with <edfx.cfg> file (or <\mydocuments\EDFX\EDFX.ini> file for custom game added with EDFX utility)
  use "NONE" as settings value, it will disable the EDFX hotkey
- Key press monitoring delay can be set per game in <hotkey> tabpage to fix issue in some games (ie: reduce its value for The Witcher3)
- Performance enhanced
- some Memory leaks fixed
- Less CPU use at idle (btw - Hotkey monitoring delay dependant)
- Hotfixes, stability fix when running on x64 windows os
- Hotfixes, ReShade Profiles management stability fix
- Hofixes, no more 'Checking... ...' message loop
- When EDFX start, game screenshots found in game folder are saved to \my documents\EDFX\<gamename>\screenshots
(it's also the case when Game session stop and if EDFX is running in background)
- The Witcher3 profile tweaked/enhanced, enjoy it
- added The Witcher 3 profiles from precedent beta build.
- ingame hotkeys works again
- Added <force no SMAA> option (override profile SMAA settings)
- Added <force vanilla ambiant light> option (override profile ambient settings)
- Added several hints on mouseover
- you can delete <\EDFX\FX_RESHADE> folder, not used anymore
- profiles are now in <\edfx\profiles> folder
- screenshots are now saved in <my documents\EDFX\screenshot> folder
- Added credits and reshade links
- About Reshade Framework updated to 0.18.7
you can update EDFX with last ReShade framework by dropping Framework zip file in <my documents\EDFX\update> folder -
EDFX will autoupdate without restart
- No more Pink red colors for blood
- Bloom reduced a little bit (on some area, you won't notice changes)
- FPS increased with <EDFX The Witcher 3 full effects> profile.
- Added Elite Dangerous profile <EDFX Elite Dangerous full effects vanilla colors>
- fixed Hotkey refresh when switching game
- back to 0.18.6 reshade framework to fix screenshot freeze issue
- fixed tips text bug on button launch
- EDFX can now manage several games !
- Native settings and profiles available for <Elite Dangerous> and <The Witcher 3> games
- Added EDFX realistic graphics profile for The Witcher 3 game, hope you will enjoy it, get real !
- you can manage another game by using <Add 32bits Game> or <Add 64bits Game>
- ReShade Framework updated to 0.18.7
- EDFX font used is now Arial 9, so it increased window size
- Screenshot are now saved in <EDFX\screenshot\game name\> subfolder, no more datetime subfolder
- Profiles are shared between games so you can apply whatever profile you want to a game
- Several bug fixed
- Some Windows 8/8.1 compatibility issue fixed by using last Reshade Framework release 0.18.7
- fixed obvious bug "Error: Subscript used on non-accessible variable" when selecting some custom profile
- some compatibilities issues solved
- fix bug where EDFX was looking for <E:> drive when <E:> drive didn't exist on user's PC
- updated ReShade engine & shaders to 0.18.4
 EDFX 2.0 is now using the ReShade unified engine (ReshadeFX+gemFX+sweetFX+McFX), this mean great future possibilities
 Due to the Reshade engine, more system user supported so more issue solved (compatibility and so on)
- Added HeatHaze effect
- object light enhanced (like comet)
- Ambiant light enhanced
- Sharpened level details like Planet
- contrast greatly increased, Station are now better and also dark space :)
- contrast greatly increased in cockpit, immersive imho
- Removed compatibility checkbox, no more need
- Remove vanilla cockpit color checkbox, cockpit colors are now like vanilla, can't do better
- Windows 10 build 10041 and 10074 supported (should work for upcoming version)
- <LOCKSCROLL> hotkey = enable/disable all effects when you are ingame
- <n> hotkey = enable/disable splitscreen when you are ingame and if checkbox is checked in EDFX utility
i'am using daily "EDFX full effects" default profile in EDXF utility and i hope you will enjoy it.
it was used for all screenshot you have seen on my twitter account and i only use this profile (btw if you dislike FOV blur in Elite Dangerous, press 'K' ingame to enable/disable it... i love it)
no fps drop (60+ on GeForce 780ti)
--minor features--
EFDX can launch/close TRACKIR automatically when EDFX start and close (so uncheck the checkbox if you close EDFX before/during gaming)
EDFX can launch TeamSpeak and Mumble voice utility
you can add your own utility in blank custom button area
NATIVE LANGUAGE for this utility and readme file is at this time only ENGLISH
yes i know, i'am french... 
no installation required, just launch EDFX.exe
if your game is installed in <program files> or <program files(x86)> folder then launch EDFX.exe in administrator mode or disable windows UAC
to avoid issue (like not seeing graphics effects), run Elite Dangerous in FULL SCREEN MODE not in WINDOWED
When it's correctly activated, you will see a blue to white smooth screen before the Elite Dangerous background logo.
Supported OS
VISTA/WIN7/WIN8/WIN81/WIN10 in 32 and 64 bits
my OS is Windows 8.1 64 bits and i have no problem at all
my alternative system is Windows 10 64 bits build 10074 and i have no problem at all 
IMPORTANT: some Windows 8/8.1 users may encountered issue with FX engine when launching Elite Dangerous. 
To fix it, right click on <yourgame.exe> then enable 'Windows 7 compatibility mode
VISTA/WIN7/WIN8 are supported but not tested myself
32 bits mode for all OS are supported but not tested myself
- Windows 10 supported
Solar beam added when you are looking light source
- added <force no solar beam> checkbox to disable this new effect if you dislike (Profile settings if unchecked)
- Sharpened texture details in new profile <EDFX full effects V2- default> 
- added <EDFX full effects V2- default> profile (all texture details sharpened and solar & light beam added ingame)
- all profiles are now read from EDFX\profiles folder
no more need for specific Win_7 or Win_8 folder, use compatibility mode checkbox instead and lensflare checkbox
- win_7 and win_8 folder are renamed with 'not used anymore' text (your old profiles are not deleted)
- EDFX desktop shortcut is now updated if you change your EDFX install folder
- check at start if EDFX is already running or not, you can't launch it twice anymore.
- check at start if FRAPS is running and ask for turning it off (to avoid issue)
- added <force vanilla color> checkbox to force vanilla color if checked (Profile settings if unchecked)
- added <force black and white> checkbox to force monochrome color
- fixed EDFX crashing when default profile don't exists anymore in EDFX profile subfolder
- Favorites profiles hotkey name are now correctly displayed on both buttons if you change it in <EDFX\hotkeys.ini> file
- at the end of the game session, a message will appear to tell you where screenshots are.
- now you can configure your hotkeys by tweaking EDFX\hotkeys.ini file
- screenshots are now moved automatically from game directory to \EDFX\Screenshots at the end of each game session (one screenshot folder per session)
- Teamspeak path is now saved correctly
- added <compatibility mode> checkbox to force compatibility or not (override always the profile settings)
useful to fix issues
- added <force lens flare> checkbox to force lens flare if checked (Profile settings if unchecked)
- added <force no lens flare> checkbox to force NO lens flare if checked (Profile settings if unchecked)
- if Launcher is not in the game folder, it will ask you for the path
- added ingame hotkey <home> to apply favorite graphics profile #1
- added ingame hotkey <end> to apply favorite graphics profile #2
- added splashscreen checkbox to allow message ingame when switching profile, enabling it may cause ALT-TAB issue on some system.
- splash screen message display time up from 1s to 3s
- hotkeys are enabled only when game is running and disabled when game stop running
- bug fixes
- Win7 and Win8 graphics profiles are now managed in two separate EDFX subfolder
- First version released for beta test
Marty McFly
Author(s) .....: R. Gilman (rasim)
 The original code came from this subject :
this post who helped me at the beginning. (thx to OP ico_HR)
AutoIt my dev kit
That's all folks, btw sorry for my poor english...