The Witcher 3
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About this mod

Adds more sorting options and makes the default sort more sane.

Permissions and credits
Adds two new sorting options:
1. By item level
2. By weapon damage/armor rating

Makes sure that multiple stacks of the same item are sorted together.

Forces unread books to the top of the list.

This mod has English and Russian translations. It defaults to English if your chosen language is not supported.
Polish translation by Adk96.
German translation by theniwo.
If you want another language please pm me and ill add it.

This mod modifes the following .ws files and can be merged easily using ScriptMerger,

This mod also modifies panel_inventory.redswf and as such cannot be easily merged with other mods that modify the same file.
For those who are adventurous I have added a file to the mod that describes how you would perform the merge.

Optional Files
I have added "v1.4 merge for More Quick Slots 1.22" as an optional download. If you want to use More Quick Slots together with my mod you will need to download this file instead of the main version. It should work out of the box once you run ScriptMerger but see the Readme for more information anyway.

Patch 1.21 versions:
If you are using version 1.3 you do not need to update to 1.3.1. The only change is that new items are once again sorted at the top of the list. If you prefer new items to be sorted as if they were not then do not update.
Patch 1.22 versions:
Corrected Sorting 1.4 is updated for 1.22 but has the bug where new items are automagically unflagged as new. This bug exists in the vanilla game and if I am able to find the source of the bug I will release a fix.

Similar Mods
If you are using other mods that modify panel_inventory.redswf and do not want to perform the merge you can look into
Sorted Inventory Tabs It is a script based mod that cannot go as far as this one but still allows a great level of flexibility and power.

The optional file "v1.4 merge for More Quick Slots 1.22" was made by modifying the panel_inventory.swf from the More Quick Slots mod. A big thanks to Wolfmark for allowing me to release this.