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This is a Reshade and SweetFX 2.0 preset for those of you that want the game look more like the Sword of Destiny E3 2014 trailer or simply wants a preset that works great togehter with the Cutscene Lighting Mod or Yet Another Lighting Mod

*NEW* Finally updated to support Super Turbo Lighting Mod version 3

Permissions and credits
The Reshade preset that is fully compatible with the most ligthing mods, including Super Turbo Lighting Mod

+ Now tweaked for the Blood and Wine expansion + preset for STLM version 3.1

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This is my SweetFX preset for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and the configuration is originally based on the excellent "1.000 Times Better" preset by rainynguyen but with tweaks to the lighting, gamma, contrast, saturation and RGB balance among many other things. You can find said preset in the links below. or

A new Reshade Framework based version is also now available for download adding even more visual effects but is more perfomance heavy (10fps performance drop).

Thanks to Lucifer Hawk, and Marty McFly (and everyone else at for making presets like this possible and if you want to make your own preset not just for The Witcher 3, but any game please visit and download the framework yourself from

The goal of this preset is to make the look of the game get as close as possible as it is portrayed in the Sword of Destiny trailer and 35 minute demo. I hope you like it.

Can be toggled on/off at any time using the "Scroll lock" key

PLEASE NOTE if you are planning to use the Cutscene Lighting Mod or the Yet Another Lighting Mod with this preset then make sure to download my compatibility files (these are now only needed for Standard and the older 2.06 version) and set the envBlend values to 0.6 for CSLM and 0.8 for YALM.
The Super Turbo Lighting Mod however does not require any envBlend tweaks.

SweetFX Page
Imgur album

This mod has now passed over 200 endorsements and 5.000 downloads, THANK YOU!

Psst!.. Did you this mod is the only preset that will make the black horses of The Witcher 3 truly, well... black? No more purple horses you say!?
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How to install

1. Visit and download the Reshade + Sweetfx pack (Reshade + Framework if you the 3.0 version of this mod)
2. Unzip and put everything in the "witcher3.exe" directory (The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt\bin\x64\) 3. Rename the "reshade64.dll" file to "d3d11.dll" (or dxgi.dll)
3. Download my preset under the "files" section
4. Replace the SweetFX folder (Reshade folder if you are using the 3.0 version of this preset) you downloaded from with mine instead
5. Game on!

The preset won't work? If you download Reshade + Framework make sure you are using the ReShade 1.0.0 version which this preset was built for. Also if you have FRAPS installed make sure to disable it before booting the game, after that you can enable it again.

If the recent update to the game broke this preset for you then rename the "reshade64.dll" to "dxgi.dll" (or d3d11.dll)  once more to replace the "d3d11.dll" file that CDPR added or move that one to a different folder first before renaming the "reshade64.dll".

How to untinstall

Simply remove all the files it adds, make sure not to miss the "dxgi.dll" and/or "d3d11.dll" file.

What is the difference between standard and 3.0?

3.0 adds an alternative and more advanced (softer) bloom along with subtle depth of field, debanding, ambient light and lens flares. If you feel these are not worth the drop in performance then by all means go for the standard version instead. If you still want 3.0 but want to avoid the FPS drop then try dropping the shadow quality to low.

For further increase in visual quality please check out the tweak guide over at

Other recommended mods

Ultimate Lighting Mod by KNG - Gives you near complete control over the game's different lighting definitions as well as the distance fog
Super Turbo Lighting Mod by Essenthy - The most substantial graphical mod for the Witcher 3 to date, greatly reduces distance fog
The Witcher 3 HD Reworked Project by Halk Hogan PL - A massive rexture project that kills off every low res texture one after one
Weather Enhanced by shaedhen - Makes the weather more varied and extreme, perfect for those of you who loved the STALKER games
More Blood Mod by KNG - For those that just wants to paint the world red, restores blood decals
Native Depth of Field by KNG - Want stronger depth of field effect in your game? Look no further
Hairworks on everything but Geralt by Crassius - This is how hairworks was showcased in the 2014 footage, plus it will save performance
WEATHER by ramccoid - Greatly improves the visual quality of the rain and snow
Ultimate Graphics Options Mod by marvelmaster - All of the hidden visual tweaks and enhancements can now be applied in the main menu
Next Gen series of mods by Boostin4Kix - Brings back much of the parallax mapping (depth to textures) that was ripped out before release (check his profile for the whole list of mods)
Ultra Grass 420 by KNG - Makes the grass in the game a lot more dense and also brings over the higher quality grass models from the latest expansion to the main game

Preparations Mod by wghost81 - Alchemy and proper preparation now actually feels meaningful like in the earlier Witcher titles
Witcher 2 Gear by Holgar96 - Brings over all the high quality armor from the Witcher 2 for you to wear
The Ehancement System by Mangekyoumadara1987 - Greatly improves the crafting/upgrade system of your gear
Instant Sign Casting by xpizdax - Cast signs instantly with the number keys, just like how it worked in The Witcher 2
Increased Creature Loot by mindkiller316 - Makes it so that every killed creature actually drops loot
Witcher 2 Potion Length by mindkiller316 - Makes the potions last as long as they did in The Witcher 2 while making them less effective
Face them by SkacikPL - Geralt will now follow surrounding NPCs with his head just like in earlier trailers for even greater immersion
E3 2014 Camera Mod by MrHonsel - Brings back the camera position used in the E3 2014 demonstration
Random Encounters by erxv - Monsters will now appear randomly making the world feel more alive and dangerous
Sword of Destiny Crossbow & Igni Camera by erxv - Does what it says, bring back camera angles from the SoD trailer
AutoLoot by JupiterTheGod - Makes the process of looting a lot simpler and faster
Remove Weapon and Armor Level Restrictions by SunBroDave - If you found/crafted it, you can use it
Brutal and Realistic Combat by vahndaar - Rebalances the game making it more fair and challenging throughout, also improves the Human enemy AI

Friendly HUD by wghost81 - Makes the HUD alot more dynimic (immersive) and bring back realtime active meditation
Better Icons by Philozoraptor - Makes it a lot easier to find the potion or oil you are looking for in the inventory
The Witcher and The Witcher 2 Potion and Oil Icons replace by Mordek - Does exactly what it says, brings back the potion/oil icons from earlier games
Extended HUD Config by TheLastWitcher - Helps making the HUD less intrusive and can be customized from the main menu
Unseen Monsters by DJ_Kovrik - The game will no longer tell you exactly where a monster is

Roaming Witcher's Armor by 4Strings - Adds a new badasss looking armor to the game based on a beautiful fan art and the TV series
Lore-friendly Witchers by DazzlingDjango - Brings back Geralt's glowing Witcher eyes and also changes his face to appear more like in the books
Geralt_TW2_E3_2013_Retexture by Boostin4Kix - Restores Geralt's face and skin from 2013/TW2
Seasoned Witcher by georgetziotis - Changes Geralt appearance to look more in line with the "Killing Monsters" trailer.
Witcher 2 Character Texture by Rustine - Geralt's old friends will now more strongly resemble their Witcher 2 designs
Concept Art Bear Armor by Rustine - Brings the Ursine armor closer to the concept arts
Dandelion Purple Suit by Rustine - Turns Dandelion's outfit less vibrant making it a lot easier on the eyes
Griffin Set Redesign by Rustine & Holgar96 - Greatly improves the appearance of the Griffin armor
Darker and Leathery Wolf Gear by Gismogin - A very attractive retexture of the Wolfen armor
Lore Friendly Ciri by Wzol - Actually makes Ciri "ashen-haired" as she is described in the game
non-lore friendly textures for Geralt by sircaine - While claiming to not be lore friendly it's the closest we got the Geralt seen in "Killing Monsters"
Silver Eyes by miessi - Brings back Geralt's Witcher 1 silver eyes
Quen Alternate Colors by DJ_Kovrik - Allows you to change the color of the Quen sign
Geralt Complete E3 Look for Wolven Gear by OlekKing - Brings back the wolfen swords from the E3 trailers
The White Wolf - Full Launch Trailer Appearance by thin_o_vintage - Want the complete look from the "A night to remember" CG trailer? This mod is for you

Hair - increase LOD distance shift by rivianbleidd - No more ugly hair pop-in during cutscenes
High Quality Faces by Holgar96 - NPCs will now have their higher quality face model even when outside of cutscenes
Witcher 3 Witcher Sense Color Customizer by Tomwa Lee Ivory - Helps make the witcher senses a less of an eyesore
Fix Exp for quest by lestat8m - All quests now give you full XP reward
Remove Screen Water Droplets Effect by FPSRazR - Removes the low quality effects from the screen when it's raining
Axii cleaner visual effect by erxv - Removes the not so attractive "halo" effect from NPCs under the influence of the Axii sign
Alternate Lightsources Interaction by DJ_Kovrik - For interaction with light sources the correct sign must now be chosen
Cyclops Eye Texture Fix by CAPA - Gives the poor Cyclops his missing eye back
FixForLeftStick by Apitokim - Reintroduces the ability to walk very slowly when using a gamepad
Galloping In Cities by JupiterTheGod - The game will no longer slow you down when riding on horseback in cities
Jump in Shallow Water by Zhior - Allows Geralt to jump in shallow water so that he will no longet get stuck in weird places with shallow water

For testing, fooling around and easier modding
Debug Console Enabler Updated by Skomski, Nalatroz & AloisManas - Enables "cheat mode", go in to freecam and take pretty screenshots
Debug console extensions by SkacikPL - Adds more commands to the debug console
Spawn Companion console command by SkacikPL - Spawn companions with the debug console
Script Merger by AnotherSymbiote - Let's you identify with the possibility the merge conflicting script files
ModKitchen by vervurax - Vastly simplifies the process uncooking game files and packing mods.
The Appearances Menu Mod by CAPA - Enables Geralt to wear various NPC clothing

To create your own mods for The Witcher 3, make sure to download and install the ModKit



(Thanks alot hodilton and izon87604!!)


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