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Retextures the griffin armour into a grimy, dark, leathery medium armour that tries to capture the look of a witcher who's been on the path for months.

Permissions and credits
If you want a slightly less matte version that also has T5-textures, check out [email protected]'s excellent update:
Griffin Armour (On The Path) Update

I would recommend using this in conjunction with Original Witcher Armor Color Sets
since that fixes some of the strange colours on gloves, boots and pants it seems. (load it after this mod in the load order).

Patex24 has made a grandmaster version of this armour for anyone interested:
Grandmaster Armour "Witcher on the Path"

EDIT: Discontinued:
As some might already have guessed work on this mod has been discontinued, I simply have too much else going on in my life and my motivation for Witcher 3 modding (and video games in general right now) is basically zero, if anyone wants to take over the reins and make a grandmaster-version for this feel free to contact me :)



I always disliked the look of the griffin armours texture etc. but loved the look of some of the model, the pauldrons etc.(especially the tier 2 one).
So I figured I would do something about it and came up with this. I also wanted an armour that really looked like Geralt had been on the path for a long time
with lots of dirt and wear and tear, a good "wandering witcher"-armour that didn't look flashy or luxurious in any way.

What's included?:

- All levels of the griffin armor has been retextured, some parts are just recolored while others (the cuirass itself for example) has been heavily modified.

- Optional swords and scabbards.


Put the folder "modmcgriffinarmorv1"-folder in your Witcher 3 mod-folder. (The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt\mods) and you should be good to go.
WARNING: If you use any other mods that changes the textures for the griffin armor there will most certainly be conflicts.

For the swords and scabbards:
Put the "modmcswordsnscabbards"-folder in your Witcher 3 Mod-folder. (The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt\mods)



- As mentioned before, the mod will not be compatible with any mod that changes the griffin armours textures.

- The mod is compatible (and recommended to use) with "Griffin Set - Slim Version" by Holgar96. All screenshots have been taken with that activated.



-Some of the textures and normal-maps look a bit off on the cuirass and other parts, I probably won't polish this very much since I simply don't have the time.

- Icons are not included (again, if anyone wants to help out, let me know!)

- there are probably some slight glitches here and there on the textures, but meh!

- The readme is probably riddled with spelling-errors due to lazyness (and not having english as my first language)



If you need to contact me for some reason, please do so at Nexusmod (under the name McNools) or email me at [email protected] . Please note that I don't have the time
for any retextures that you want to request etc. But contact me if you want to use any part of this in another mod etc.