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A simple mod that makes looting a less repetitive, more enjoyable and immersive task. Configurable through the in-game mod menu.

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The idea for this mod occurred to me after playing around with Primer and its looting animation. While the animation looked cool and made me feel more immersed in the world, it became a little tedious after a while. Specially when I had to see Geralt do it 15 times to pick up a handful of herbs that were 2 inches apart. If only all those herbs would appear in my loot window at the same time...


This mod allows you to pick up  nearby items directly from the loot window, without having to individually activate each container. The range in which  nearby items are searched, the maximum number of containers scanned, and whether guards will react to theft can be configured in the mod configuration menu.


Allow Theft:
When enabled, all items -including items with owners- will appear in the looting menu. If you take one of these items nearby guards will attack you; taking items that have no owner will elicit no reaction from the guards. If "Allow Theft" is disabled, only items that have no owner will appear in the looting menu.

Segregate Containers:
If enabled, only containers of the same category to the container you activated will appear in the loot menu. i.e herbs, remains, clutter, etc.

Line of Sight:
When enabled, the path between the player and a prospective container will be checked, if there are any obstacles in the way, like a wall, or large objects, the container will not be scanned. This prevents the player from getting access to otherwise inaccessible loot behind walls, underground or in locked rooms. On the other hand, any object sufficiently large to get in the way of the raycast, can result in a false positive.

Global Scan Range:
Range in which to scan for any containers, when no other scanning range applies.

Herbs Scan Range:
Range in which to scan for herbs.

Clutter Scan Range:
Range in which to scan for chests, furniture and other clutter.

Range in which to scan for actor remains, or any loot dropped by something that you killed.

Container Limit:
Maximum number of container entities that will be scanned at a time.

These rules only apply to nearby containers scanned by the mod. The container that you activate directly will always display all its items regardless of the setting you specify.

To avoid issues, containers that have quest items, are related to quests or have a red glow when using your witcher senses will be not be processed by the mod. You have to manually activate these in order to get their content.


The mod makes extensive changes to and almost all the functions were replaced. Do NOT merge unless you know what you're doing. Merging with mods that merely use this script as a hook to do something else, like an animation mod, is OK.
Mods that change the script to modify the stats of items displayed in the loot menu are compatible but will most likely require manual merging.