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Adds in additional keybinds, remappable through the default interface, including cycle target, instant cast signs, and MORE!

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Better Keybinds
(for Witcher 3 1.12)


Adds in additional keybinds, remappable through the default interface.

Better Keybinds includes these new keybinds:
  • Instant swap to specific Bomb/Quickslot/Pockets
  • Quick throw specific Bomb slot
  • Cycle between available Bomb/Quickslot/Pockets
  • Instant cast signs (with hold for alternate signs)
  • Draw automatic sword based on target
  • Lock the nearest target
  • Cycle locked targets
  • Discard locked target

Better Keybinds allows you to rebind these keys, not rebindable in the base game:
  • Cancel Aiming
  • Sheathe Swords

Better Keybinds doesn't currently modify how any existing keybinds work, at least, not yet. If you don't like the way that somethings currently works, please leave a comment!

1. Copy the entire "modBetterKeybinds" folder into "[Path To The Witcher 3]\mods" folder

2. Patch input.xml (located in bin\config\r4game\user_config_matrix\pc) to include the new keybinds
- Create a backup copy of your input.xml file (DO NOT LEAVE IT IN THIS FOLDER AS AN XML FILE)

Option 1 (recommended, use prepatched file):
- Copy MY input.xml file from patchedFiles subdirectory in modBetterKeybinds into"[Path To The Witcher 3]\bin\config\r4game\user_config_matrix\pc"
- Make sure that there is only one input.xml file in the directory! Do not store backup here!
- Keep in mind other mods like Friendly HUD also modify this file, so make sure that you follow their instructions as well

Option 2 (patch existing file):
- Open input.xml.patch.txt in the patches directory in modBetterKeybinds
- Open existing input.xml file in "[Path to The Witcher 3]\bin\config\r4game\user_config_matrix\pc"
- Copy contents of input.xml.patch.txt into input.xml somewhere between the "<VisibleVars>" tags, I would recommend either at the top (before "<!-- [BASE_CharacterMovement] -->", or at the bottom, before "</VisibleVars>"
- Save the input.xml

3. Patch input.settings to include the new keybinds
- Open input.settings located in "[My Documents]\The Witcher 3"
- Open input.settings.patch.txt in the patches directory in modBetterKeybinds
- Copy the entire contents of input.settings.patch.txt into input.settings AT THE TOP
- Save the file, the game will reorganize this file you launch it next

4. (optional) Patch default keybinds.
- If you are likely to reset your keybinds to default, I've provided defaults that include the additional keybinds so that you don't need to keep patching input.settings
- The defaults are located in "[Path To The Witcher 3]\bin\config\r4game\legacy\base" and are named input_qwerty.ini and so on
- Make sure to back these files up somewhere!
- Copy in from the patchedFiles directory in modBetterKeybinds the file for your keyboard,
NOTE: American keybinds are QWERTY keyboards, so copy in that one!

Delete modBetterKeybinds from your mods folder and revert input.xml and any default files that you modified to their previous condition. I have provided copies of the originals inside the modBetterKeybinds\unpatchedFiles directory.

The input.settings stuff will sort itself out, as anything not contained in input.xml is autoremoved from this file.

Better Keybinds modifies multiple script files, most of which to get around stupid decisions in original code relating to alternate sign modes.


If you have other mods installed that modify these files, please use Script Merger! My changes are easily merge-able and clearly marked.

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