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Dialogue encoder for creating new simple or complex, multi-flow dialogues between player and npcs as new w2scene files. Audio / lipsync, animation, mimic and custom camera support.

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Dialogue encoder for creating new extensive dialogue scenes as new w2scene files

The main purpose of the encoder is to *easily* create new simple or complex, multi-flow *dialogues* between the player character and npcs which can be triggered for playback in the game. But it also supports advanced features for presenting the dialogues like moving cameras, use of animations, mimic and basic actor look-ats.

The encoder is a command line tool without a GUI and the scenes are defined as text-files.

An optional, supporting in-game storyboard mod aims to help in creating a *rough* draft for the visual presentation of a scene. The resulting draft is a textual scene description which can be manually tuned afterwards and complemented with additional scene commands.

Note: The w2scene encoder on its own generates only subtitled dialogues. But voice-over and/or lipsynced mouth animations can be provided independently by adding a corresponding w3speech file which assigns voice-over/animations to the string ids used in the dialogue. Lipsync animations and w3speech files can be created with the w3speech tools and lipsync generator.

  • easy creation of dialogues with multiple conversation flows based on player choices
  • scenes/dialogues with up to 10 actors (from the full set of npcs, monsters, animals available in the game)
  • script calls from specific points in dialogues
  • conditional conversation flow based on (quest)fact checking
  • supports most choice icons
  • spawning of additional scene props (items)
  • automatic camera changes during dialogue (optional)
  • custom camera changes with custom camera settings (position, rotation, FOV, DOF)
  • moving cameras as interpolation between two camera definitions (including FOV, DOF)
  • attaching of animations, additive animations and mimics (facial animation) from the game to actors
  • triggering weather changes
  • and some more (see test examples)
  • supports dumping of camera settings, animation/mimic settings from existing w2scenes to examine how it was done by CDPR

Encoders are compiled for 64bit Windows. Call with --help for options.

  • no gui, so no visual feedback besides testing in-game (use the supporting storyboard UI mod to mitigate the problem)
  • no visual feedback for animation timing and blending. You will strain your imagination skills and restart the game quite often. It's possible to get some nice results here and there but don't expect top notch results
  • only rudimentary checks for validity of the dialogue definitions

If any of these points is a deal-breaker for you then save your time.


This is not a beginners modding tool. There are some detailed tutorials explaining most of the features but you should have intermediate or advanced W3 modding knowledge.

To prevent multiple mods from using the same string ids the same restriction apply as with the w3strings encoder. I strongly suggest you use your nexusmod mod id for the id-space.

Read the tutorial at the CDPR Forums

Small parts in the tutorials published on the forums are slightly outdated. An updated version is contained in the package.

Use the storyboard UI mod for setup of camera definitions and animations. Explore the included examples for some advanced features like interpolating cams and animation tuning.

Also strongly suggested: USE THE PATCHED WCC_LITE!
CRC for a verified patched wcc_lite.exe (if you don't trust the download)
  • size: 131.492.864 bytes
  • md5: b854159ad4bd23c4fe1ee6f888bdaec4
  • sha256: 275faa214c6263287deea47ddbcd7afcf6c2503a76ff57f2799bc158f5af7c5d

CRC for the encoders
CRC for w2scene.exe v0.4.1
  • size: 2404245 bytes
  • md5: 663010e267ed877e93aa4e9e1e60c19e
  • sha256: 8434f81bf77847d3afe3ad4fb9e8f12222b30117af89831a193dc3b7c2e2179b

CRC for w3strings.exe v0.4.1
  • size: 548448 bytes
  • md5: 48cc24b86b6af01d407f27f9e6e261a7
  • sha256: ee729aefc94ec314798b016833bf71754fc9771bce0aaceb665168e368646deb

Big thanks:
  • @Sarcen: his editor made debugging of the generated w2scenes files much easier
  • @DahliaLynn: for some critical tutorial proof reading
  • @erxv, @smalldjo, @skacikpl, @KNG & others: for clearing up some unknowns and their support