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georgetziotis and CAPA14

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This is a mod that changes all 5 tiers of the cat armor. Yes we have a Grandmaster.

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Cat Gear Reworked

This is a Mod that changes all 4 tiers of the cat armor to look like worn hardened leather.
In my opinion this is much more realistic design than the vanilla.

If you think the vanilla looks better or that is more lore friendly dont use this mod.

T5(Grandmaster) is Available!

CAPA joined me on the making of the T5.

Together we:

- Changed all the diffuses, normals and ambient maps.
- Edited the w2mesh and redcloths to change the material used and making the normals compatible.
- Also changed the rspec and specularColor of the Trunk pieces to get rid of the blue tint.
- Made the Hood Up/Down look like Worn Leather instead of Cloth.

Note: The T5 is not affected by the dye system.

Also without him this mod would not have been made since he is the one that teached on how to change the w2mesh values.
And teached me all i needed to know about modding


 Simply drag and drop the files to your mod folder!


There is only 1 folder in the mod now Thanks to @Mezziaz for merging the folders for me

This was hard work for me but i think the result is great.
If you want an alt version with brown or red sleaves tell me in the posts
Also any suggestion for upcoming mods are apriciated

To achive the look in the first picture download this mod

A Big Thanks
To @CAPA14 For helping me with all problems i had