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Containing three presets, one to simulate the E3 2014 gameplay demo, one the VGX trailer and the last a dark medieval world. Also, as a bonus for the final version, a new preset made appositely for the new Cutscene Lightning Mod by KNGR. A personal gift to all the users. Thank you all for your support.

Permissions and credits

Three presets that try to simulate as closely as possible the visual context they are aiming for. The suite contains a preset to simulate the atmosphere of the E3 2014 gameplay demo, a prest to simulate the white-blue/green-cold feeling of the VGX trailer and, lastly (but not least) a dark grit medieval world as in the paintings of El Greco or Goya.

UPDATE: For the final version of the suite a new preset has been introduced, made appositely for the new Cutscene Lightning mod: Real Cutscene Lightning Look. If you love the atmosphere and colors of Witcher 1 be sure to try it out as you will love this new preset, as it looks impressively similar.

This is my personal gift to all the users of Real Graphical Suite, thank you very much for all your support!

Real E3 2014 Look

Created appositely to look as much as possible the same as the 2014 demo gameplay color scheme. I worked step by step with footage from that demo to replicate its atmosphere as closely as possible. Differently from other presets trying to do the same this one doesn't just slap a blue tint over the image, hoping that the change of colors will make the visuals look like the 35 min demo. In reality the colors are almost completely the same in the vanilla game as they were back then (and everyone looking well could notice it), what is changed is the lightning. Naturally it's impossible to recreate fully that different lightning with an injector, but this preset strives to emulate it as closely as possible without tinting the screen blue or some other absurdity (on the contrary the picture will look more vivid instead than opaque).

This is the best E3 2014 preset you will find, and I'm accepting any challenge on the matter.

For more images of this preset go here.

Real Dark/Medieval Look

Made to recreate a darker and grittier atmosphere, more appropriate to the context of a medieval tale. Gone is the overdone orange filter, the too vibrant colors and somewhat "fantasy" look of the vanilla game. If you search for a more crude desaturated world, as in the paintings of Goya, then this preset is for you.

For more images of this preset go here.

Real VGX Look

This preset recreates the cold-white atmosphere to be found in the old VGX/SoD trailer. If you like that sort of cold blue-green sharp feeling the visuals had at the time then this preset is for you. Be sure to use a warm setting (6500k) for your monitor as this preset is better used under it (on colder settings the preset can look too blue).

For more images of this preset go here.

Real Cutscene Lightning Look (Bonus Preset)

For the final version I have introduced a new preset, made appositely to work with the different lightning in the Cutscene Mod. The goal of this preset is to improve the look of the cutscene lightning mod without, however, changing its atmosphere and overall color scheme. The preset removes the overly saturated look (for a cruder feel, that mix very well with the different lightning), turns whites to real white (instead of semi-grey) and contrasts the image only as much as to nullify the opaqueness (that's present also on the normal lightning, but a little less noticeable there). 

The result is strikingly similar to the first chapter in the saga, so if you love the atmosphere and colors the game had back then (as I do) then you will adore this preset. The cutscene lightning also make interiors look much better than they do with the default lightning.

NOTE: This preset is to be used in conjunction with Cutscene Lightning Mod by KNGR as it is made appositely for it. Be sure to have the mod installed before using this preset. I advise a envBlend setting of 0.7 for best results.

How to Install a preset

  • Extract the content of the archive somewhere.
  • Inside you will find various folders, depending on the type of preset you want to use.  If you use the Cutscene Lightning preset be sure to have the Cutscene Lightning Mod of KNGR already installed and configured (I advise a envBlend setting of 0.7 for best results). However DON'T use the other presets with that mod, they are not meant for it.
  • Simply put ALL the content of the preset you want to use where the Witcher 3 executable is to be found (i.e. for GoG X:\Games\The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt\bin\x64).
  • Done. You can now play the game with the preset installed.

NOTE: If you are using any other preset that doesn't use Reshade Framework (as for example any other SweetFX presets), then be sure to delete all files associated with that preset first.

Monitor Calibration

  • Calibrate gamma/brightness with these tables. Box 5 should be barely visible. If you cannot see box 5 at all it means your gamma/brightness is too low. Adjust accordingly. 
  • Calibrate contrast with these tables. You should be able to discern boxes 250 to 253 (this last barely) from the white background. If you cannot, contrast settings in your monitor are set too high.
  • When you will have gamma and contrast of your monitor correctly calibrated you can put games to a neutral gamma (1) and be sure that the dark/light ratio will be how the developers wanted you to experience the visuals of the game as. 

For a more detailed and throughout calibration of your monitor (including colors, saturation, detailed gamma in different color channels etc.) follow all the steps found in this page.

In-game Visual Settings for best results

  • Antialias: ON.
  • Sharpening Filter: OFF or Low.
  • Gamma set to 1. (Open the file user.settings to be found inside My Documents\The Witcher 3 with a text editor, search the line "GammaValue" and put it to 1 if it's not already as such)
  • Play the game in full screen mode and not in a borderless window.

Graphical Tweaks for better visuals

To increase texture quality in gameplay and cutscenes

Add these lines in user.settings using a text editor:

To smoothen animations in gameplay

Add these lines to user.settings

To alleviate the pop-in of characters in the game

Change these lines in user.settings
DecalsSpawnDistanceCutoff [from 10 to 20]
TextureStreamingHeadsDistanceLimit [from 10 to 20]
TextureStreamingCharacterDistanceLimit [from 50 to 100]

To remove the shimmering from Ultra Textures (as of patch 1.04)

change TextureMipBias from -1 to -0.7.

Problems with FPS?

  • Put shadows to low (yes, low). The visual downgrade is practically unnoticeable and you get a HUGE boost in FPS.
  • If you have a low VRAM card put textures to high instead than ultra. There's practically no difference between the two but ultra textures get a lot more space in VRAM.
  • If you want to get even more FPS disable Hairworks as it is buggy anyway and it turns Geralt beard much darker than it should.
  • Consider using High instead of Ultra on the rest. The downgrade in visuals is little but you get a lot of FPS in return (high settings coupled with low shadows will give a very high boost on FPS in comparison to all Ultra settings with low loss on graphic fidelity). It is much better to have 60 fps than 30 if the visual impact doesn't warrant it (and in this case it surely doesn't).
  • For Nvidia Kepler GPUs: delete (or move) the file named "APEX_ClothingGPU_x64.dll" where Witcher3.exe is located. You will get an high boost to FPS with no noticeable change in visual quality (it is not yet understood what that library really does, but it surely hampers FPS on last generation Nvidia hardware).

External Applications:
For the smoother experience possible don't utilize the frame limiter in-game as that causes spikes and stutter. Instead use RivaTuner Statistic Server and use the frame limiter in there. Put frame to unlimited in-game, disable VSync and you are good to go.

Download RTSS here:

How to enable Frame Limiter for Witcher 3 inside RTSS:

Credits and using these presets:

You can use one of these presets as you see fit for a basis of your work, BUT at least give me credit for my work. I spent much time especially on the E3 preset when NOBODY used the effects that I used yet, and then, "magically" when I posted the mod here, ALL authors mysteriously started using those effects too, and even more "mysteriously" they took very little time on understanding which effects mix the best using ambient light and yet not a single thank or mention for my work whatsoever.

I don't ask for you to not use this preset as an inspiration or basis (and I would never do that), but it is a form of respect for others to give a thank if you used other work as a basis of your own.

Are you searching a mod that changes the combat dynamics of the game?
Then take a look at my own Better Combat, that strives to create a better gameplay experience for what it concerns combat, with changes to rebalance the difficulty curve in the game, improvements on combat dynamics, tailoring of skills so that all of them are useful with no clear overpowered choice that put all the others to shame, and so on and so forth.