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  1. Kulharin
    • member
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    would this work for Ghost Mode?

    would it be possible to get a layout option identical to W3EE 4.00? It is kinda similar already. Or can I do it easily on my own?
  2. noirfx
    • member
    • 87 posts
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    Possible fix for Ciri dash (tested with antimicro LT Combo Key preset):
    go to "Documents/The Witcher 3/ and open input.settings" with notepad (make sure to disable "read only" before editing), also make a backup just in case
    Use search option and look for lines like this:


    and replace them with


    make sure you save changes and make input.settings read only again, report if it helps
  3. BlurredNotions
    • member
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    Could you make a version that does the following?

    -RT as modifyer button
    -X for Aard
    -Y for Igni
    -B for Quen
    -A for Yrden
    -RB for Axii

    So if I press let's say for example RT+RB, I cast Axii. If I press RT+A, I cast Yrden.

    Keep everything else in the game the same.

    That would be perfect IMO.
  4. PsironiX
    • supporter
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    Ciri only dashing backwards in fight when pressing "B".
    Can somebody help with that?
    1. rwanda18
      • member
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      Can you solve the bug? I have same problem too.
    2. TheDarkSphinx
      • member
      • 3 posts
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      I am having this problem as well
    3. ValDCX
      • member
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      Same here. Did someone find a solution?
  5. Mintots
    • member
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    how to i change gallop from RT to A
  6. Drogean
    • member
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    Here is a working Gamepad Settings for the latest AntiMacro

    CAST Signs ONLY
    Designed for Version 1.30+ of Witcher 3

    Use your EXISTING 1.30+ witcher 3 input.settings because the older versions in the downloads section will mess up your game

    1. PsironiX
      • supporter
      • 13 posts
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      The only thing you changed there is add "Q" to the signs. What exactly does your version differently? I don't get it.
      EDIT: Maybe it helps with the Ciri "bug" but I couldn't try that since I installed it.
    2. Jubjub333
      • supporter
      • 18 posts
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      THANKYOU SO MUCH!! i was on the verge of giving up as this mods profile wasn't working for 1.30+ but this file fixed it perfectly!!!!!!! so much love!
    3. inkbiegel
      • member
      • 1 posts
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      I'm trying to get this to work for 1.30+. This file is certainly a step up thx, but whether I use the input.settings from the download section or my own it is not really working. If I use the downloaded one all sorts of weird stuff happens and if I use my own, I can do all the fast casts except for LT+A. Also Witcher Sense is still on the LT and RT still casts my sign, so I don't know any more really...

      Other mods I have installed:

      - friendly HUD
      - Immersive Cam
      - Auto Apply Oils
      - HD reworked
      - Indestructible Items

      Any help would be greatly appreciated, hate the radial menu with a passion....

      @Jubjub333: which input.settings do you use?

      EDIT: I am an idiot man and I didn't use the 1.22 update. Now I have and all signs are working, LT is combo only, RT is witcher sense, BUT basically everything else is gone. Can't dodge, roll, swing my sword, go to menus or anything.....

      EDIT2: Well it works perfectly really if you use the provided files and the 1.22 update in the files section. Feel like an absolute moron now but hey..
  7. RaidenHUN
    • member
    • 2 posts
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    Is there a way to swich X to RB and Y to RT???
    I am using Xbox congroller I really like this mod, but I cant get use to the RT and RB as sword attacks.
    1. PsironiX
      • supporter
      • 13 posts
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      What do you mean? I'm using an Xbox Controller myself, but my "light" attack is X and "heavy" attack is Y as it should be.
  8. PsironiX
    • supporter
    • 13 posts
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    Just started New Game + and wanted to use "Puppet" aka Axii's Alternate Cast but it doesnt work, geralt just casts normal axii even if i hold the B button longer :/

    Working partially...
    1. Karsas90
      • member
      • 126 posts
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      Does the other alternative modes work? (the ones from other signs)

      Are the alterantive modes working if you use the keyboard?

      Are you using Antimicro?

      Try to:
      1. delete the input.settings
      2. launch the game without antimicro running
      3. load, save and quit.
      4. Redownload the newest input.settings from my files and copy it to the document folder
      5. run antimicro and load the last savegame
      5. see if it works again

      P.S. this might sound dumb but make sure you have selected the right skill in a active slot.
      P.P.S. If you have done all the previous steps and still doesn't work, try to deactivate the puppet skill, save quit, reload and reactivate the sign.
    2. PsironiX
      • supporter
      • 13 posts
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      FIX: IK_3=(Action=CastSignHold,State=Duration,IdleTime=0.2
      was no fault of my absolute favourite mode EVER. Thanks
  9. MrDavidson
    • member
    • 1 posts
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    I feel so dumb. I can't for the life of me find any antimicro/profiles folder
    1. emandiputs
      • member
      • 30 posts
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      if you haven't realized it months later, you have to create it. It's not really a necessary step, just find the profile wherever you extracted it to.
  10. CojL
    • member
    • 24 posts
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    For everyone having problems with potions randomly swapping, even with LockControlScheme set to 2.

    I've been pulling my hair out the recent days trying to solve this issue, and finally have been able to.

    I tried using both Xpadder and AntiMicro, trying to figure out what the problem was, and it turns out the control-scheme tries to swap in the background (even if it doesn't show a popup, and even though it doesn't change the actual keybinds and icons). The problem shows itself when you press certain keys bound in AntiMicro or Xpadder repeatedly: It then thinks the input is being sent by a keyboard since they are mapped to actual keyboard keys with these programs.

    The result of this will be that the potions swap positions, since it rapidly changes back and forth from keyboard/controller layout without you seeing it.

    The fix:

    Hope this helps someone out there