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FPS (First Person Slayer), up close and personal, keep your distance? All of the above!
Active Witcher Zoom allows you to dynamically zoom the camera closer to or further from Geralt...while you are playing! updated for NextGen v4.04

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FPS (First Person [monster] Slayer), up close and personal, keep your distance? All of the above!
Active Witcher Zoom allows you to dynamically zoom the camera closer to or further from Geralt...while you are playing!

Instead of modding either nearer or further fixed distances, this mod allows you to change the distance as you play, adapting the camera to best fit the current situation and environment.

The camera distance can be adjusted while indoors or outdoors, as well as while on foot, horseback, or boat. Zooming out while indoors eliminates that cramped, claustrophobic feeling of the default interior camera.

This mod pertains solely to the camera distance relative to Geralt during gameplay. This is NOT the same as the free cam available through the console debugger, which is fantastic, but it is still great for cinematics.

Version 6 is nearly a complete rebuild of the mod that includes several improvements and new features.
  • camera can now be moved left/right and up/down, in addition to in/out. Move the camera where you want it WHILE you are playing. Now you can see where you are going while sailing!
  • smooth transitions when changing mounting and dismounting horse or boat
  • customizable default zoom levels for foot, horse, and boat. Set your desired zoom level for foot, horseback, and boat, and the camera will automatically transition to that distance when changing mode of travel. The camera can still be moved wherever you want whenever you want.
  • quickly reset the camera to your default position with a single key
  • quickly zoom to first-person perspective (max zoom) with a single key
  • 180° camera pitch lets Geralt look straight up/down while on foot, horse, or boat
  • new input bindings with separate modifier keys allow the mouse wheel to be used for moving the camera along all three axes. One modifier is used for zooming in and out, and another is used for moving up and down. Holding both modifier keys to move left and right.
  • same mod version can be configured for use without key modifier

Unzip the mod to your \The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt\Mods\ directory.
At this point, you likely already have mods containing script modifications. I certainly do! The only way to properly resolve this issue is to changes made to the same script files. The Script Merger mod tool ( is designed to do just that. Alternatively, tools such as WinMerge and BeyondCompare can be a great aid when combining them manually.
Active Witcher Zoom uses its own script file, but it also modifies the following core script files:


Modifier Input
AWZ now uses modifier inputs by default. This is so that the mouse wheel can be used to adjust the camera along all three axes.

If you wish to NOT use a modifier key, you can set the useModifier variable to false on line 45 of the script file. This will let you zoom in/out without holding a modifier key. However, modifier keys will still be necessary to move the camera up/down or left/right.

Custom Default Zoom Levels
Different default zoom distances have been set for foot, horseback, and boat based on my preferences. These values can be set to close on foot but further away on horseback, and the camera will automatically zoom to these distances every time you change mode of travel. You can set these default values to whatever you desire by changing the values on lines 59-61 of the script file. These values only set the initial position; you can still freely move the camera whenever you like.

There are 6 actions that need to be bound to inputs in the input.settings file located in your \Documents\The Witcher 3\directory. This file needs to NOT be read-only to make and save the changes, but should be set to READ-ONLY after the changes are made.

Action Descriptions
AWZ_zoom: zooms both directions; mouse wheel well suited for this
AWZ_zoomIn: zooms in/left/up by one increment
AWZ_zoomOut: zooms out/right/down by one increment
AWZ_zoomReset: resets camera to default position for current mode (foot, horse, boat)
AWZ_zoomMax: zooms camera to max for mode; essentially first-person perspective
AWZ_zoomToggle: alternates between max zoom and default camera position
AWZ_yModifier: must be held to zoom in/out

AWZ_zModifier: must be held to zoom up/down

Holding AWZ_yModifier AND AWZ_zModifier at the same time will zoom left/right.

The following entries in the input.settings file bind the actions above to the mouse wheel and Z, X, C, V, Left-Control, and Left-Alt key, respectively:




Add the entries above to the end of the following sections in the input.settings file:



A sample input.settings file with these bindings has also been uploaded for this mod version.
Using the mappings in the sample file, you can use the following keys:
- (left) CTRL key + Z key: Zoom In
- (left) CTRL key + X key: Zoom Out
- (left) CTRL key + Mouse Wheel: Adjust zoom
- (left) ALT key + Z key: Increase camera height
- (left) ALT key + X key: Decrease camera height
- (left) ALT key + Mouse Wheel: Adjust camera height
- V key: Maximum Zoom
- C key: Reset Zoom
- Caps Lock key: Toggles between maximum zoom (FPV) and the default camera position

DISCLAIMER: This is an updated version of Active Witcher Zoom mod by SP3333DO, all credit goes to him,  I simply updated it and added a toggle function.