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This mod adds a handcrafted Fishkatana, Catkatana, and Strawhat to the game via DLC method

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Finally katanas arrived in the Witcher3 universe!

This DLC adds a handcrafted Fishkatana, Catkatana and Strawhat to the game.

Geralt now gets the look of an Asian warrior...


- 1.03 fixed missings scabbards for NG+
- 1.02 added yinyang pendant mod!
- 1.02 new scabbards visuals
- 1.02 added Samurai pants with armor stats
- 1.02 runeslots for swords and pants(make sure to buy the new swords ingame!)
- 1.02 made CatKatana look more like steel
- 1.02 some bugfixes


just unpack the DLC_Katana folder into your rootWitcher3/DLC folder
(i suggest making backup of your

for yinyang pendant just unzip the optional file into you mods folder

for best expierience better use Custom Localization fix

How to get items ingame

A: Buy them from the fishvendor in Novigrad(may require cash and certain lvl)
should be compatible with SkacikPL's Hood mod or any on the same vendor :D

 B:  you can also get the items for your lvl by typing following into debugconsole:
- additem(catkatana)
- additem(fishkatana)
- additem(sakkat)

  • - additem(samuraipants)

C: to come...


because its a DLC there should be no problems with other mod
anyways i suggest having every DLC installed
the DLC should be NG+ compatible but if it does not work for you try a non NG+ savegame

To do

- make the items available in shop
- make the items be droped by enemies
- customize scabbards texture sort of
- make items craftable

Bugs to solve

- heavy loadingtimes at merchants or npc dialogues
- fps might be a little lower because of high poly models
- wielding swords might bug sometimes
- some clipping may appear
- runes do not glow
- no blood trails with steel katana
- NG+ scabbards are wrong and cause bug
- fishkatana scabbard missing texturecolor


- thx to KNG for inventing the DLC method
- Katana and headgear models are handcrafted so i dont allow using them somewhere else without permisson
- this DLC adds/edits ~30 files