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A modification for Christmas Contest:

This project took me a very long time of hard work, so please respect this and don't edit anything without my permission. Thanks. :)

Modification changes original cat armor (first level) to Santa Claus Clothes and first horse items to christmas items for horse. Modification also changes cat crossbow to bell crossbow and bolts to fireworks (explode bolts have firework effects).

Note!: For the correct colors of Magic Candy Canes you need to insert the appropriate rune with a matching color (ie. red rune for red cane and green rune for green cane, you can also however insert rune with other color (eg. blue) - then you'll have a cane with blue color ;) )

Items Changes:
- Wooden Club to Sugar Candy Cane
- first level of Steel Cat Sword to Red Magic Candy Cane
- first level of Silver Cat Sword to Green Magic Candy Cane
- first level of Cat Armor to Santa Claus Armor with Santa Claus Hat
- first level of Cat Pants to Santa Claus Pants
- first level of Cat Boots to Santa Claus Boots
- first level of Cat Gloves to Santa Claus Gloves
- Cat Crossbow to Santa Claus Bell Crossbow
- Explode Bolts to Fireworks
- first (weakest) Horse Saddle to Christmas Horse Cloth
- first (weakest) Horse Blinders to Horse Santa Claus Hat
- first (weakest) Horse Bags to Santa Claus Gift Sack and Baubles
- Griffin Trophy to Christmas Wreath and Santa Claus Bell

Where I can find this items?
Santa Claus clothes you can create by the armorer if you have a schematics on armor cat. Candy Canes, crossbow and fireworks you can do by blacksmith (for canes you must know schematics on school cat swords). Santa Claus gift sack with baubles you might have if you get a trophy from griffin. The rest of the christmas items for horse you can find/buy at the White Sad or somewhere else.

Download archive and extract "modChristmasContestProject" folder to "(You Witcher 3 game folder)/mods" -if the "mods" folder doesn't exist - create it.

Delete folder "modChristmasContestProject" from "mods" folder in you game location.

Feel free to comment, express you opinions and suggestions, sharing screenshots and videos. :)

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