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Personal Reshade pre-sets, 6 variations to cover most tastes. Liked by many, endorsed by a few....How does that work out?!

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               Thanks Ash117

Toussaint Reshades WIP:

These are for the Toussaint Area ONLY!! Not tested elsewhere!!

COLOR - What can be done with a little know how :)





Still working on STANDARD as not quite happy with it, hopefully upload shortly :)

 VIDEO by Hodilton

ViIDEO by Stellifygamer

VIDEO by It'sAGundam


These are my personal Reshade edits i have made and thought some of you may wish to use them.

Reshade no matter how good it is has no DNI, which means daytime, nightime and interiors are all tied together, so balancing is really hard......Nothing anyone can do about that, so it's give or take.......did my bestest!!!

Every file has a W3 ini file and i have uploaded some screenshots for each version. I use a Gigabyte G1 Gaming 980TI so if your rig has a smaller card then read the READ ME in the W3 ini file and perouse the links provided with-in, to help you get the most from your game. MAKE BACK-UPS of your ini and Bin file before fiddling with them!!!

Natural Light 1.1


Cine Revised Edit without cinematic bars

Cine Hardline

Natural Plus


You need to install ReShade with Framework 1.1!
1 Download Reshade 1.1 from an ywhere you can purloin, beg, borrow or steal it from it!! (Or see sticky)
2 Copy what you have downloaded into your Witcher X64 file.........Where W3 EXE is'
3 Download a preset from here.
4 Open up the Reshade folder you now have in your X64 file and copy paste the preset from here into it.
5 Close....... go play!

Many thanks


Thank you most sincerely to the Reshade team, Crosire, Marty McFly, Matso......etc, etc.......Humbled.
DoF - All credits to Lunayah