The Witcher 3
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Never get nerfed by archers again!

This mod allows Geralt to block/deflect arrows whenever the left trigger is pressed with a sword in hand. Sheath the sword and Witcher Sense activates as normal.

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This mod allows Geralt to block/parry and dodge/roll whenever the witcher sense/guard key is used with a sword in hand.  Sheath the sword and witcher sense is activated as normal.

In the vanilla game, Geralt often gets nerfed by archers and water hags. This is because the game doesn't allow you to deflect arrows or dodge mud flings until it decides you are in combat.  And unfortunately, the game's idea of when you should enter combat is often incorrect.  Even though archers are putting arrows in your chest and water hags are throwing mud in your eyes, the game doesn't allow you to defend yourself!  This mod allows YOU to decide whether you are in combat or not. With a sword in hand you can enter parry stance at any time.  And while in parry stance, you can dodge, roll, or deflect arrows.  

Because you have to have a sword in hand to enter parry mode (deflect arrows), this mod works best if you are using another mod that lets you to keep your sword in hand when you want it.  You can either use a mod like No Auto Sword Sheathe or  Friendly HUD - OR - with patch 1.21 of the game, CDPR included an option for manual sword sheathe/unsheath - select the manual option. 

The Witcher 3 does not register mouse clicks for guard/parry correctly.  This is not a bug caused by this mod, but an existing bug in the game itself. Because of this bug, if you leave witcher sense/guard/parry bound to the right-mouse button, you will notice that blocking acts like a toggle rather than a hold and release as it should. Again, this is NOT caused by this mod, just made more noticeable by it. To fix this problem, re-bind both your Witcher Sense and Guard/Parry keys to something other than a mouse button (such as CAPS LOCK).

1 - Map both Witcher Sense and Guard/Parry to the same key.
2 - Make sure that key is not a mouse button.


The deluxe version of the mod works just like the basic, but also allows Geralt to block/parry strong attacks by human sized monsters, like drowners and wraiths.  Strong attacks by larger opponents, such as bears, vampires, griffins, etc. cannot be parried or blocked.  This makes weaker monster battles slightly easier (only slightly), but the combat flows more quickly and naturally.


Unzip modBlockWhenYouWant to your ...\Witcher 3 Wild Hunt\mods folder.

This mod makes changes to the script (and two other scripts), so it probably conflicts with a lot of other script mods.  Be sure to use Script Merger to find and resolve script conflicts.