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w3strings decoder / encoder for adding new strings as standalone w3string files to mods

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w3strings decoder / encoder for adding new strings as standalone w3string files to mods

Compiled for 64bit Windows. Call with --help for options.


  • decodes w3strings to csv file
  • creates a standalone w3strings file from a csv file with localized strings (new ids and string keys) for your mod
  • generates a ws script file to test the strings are accessible in the game
  • example included, see below

To prevent multiple mods from using the same string ids the usable ids are restricted for every file (1000 ids per file allowed). Upon encoding you have to provide an id-space, follow the example to see how it works. I suggest you use your nexusmod mod id for this.
The input files have to be saved as "UTF8 without BOM". It should work with all UTF-8 characters. Do NOT use excel to edit the csv files as it changes the format on saving the file. Instead use wordpad or notepad++.
The generated ws script file is saved as UTF8 which seems to work for (at least) the english version without problems. Unfortunately this encoding breaks the test (ONLY this test!) for some languages (see comments) - even if the encoded w3strings file is working as it should.

Read the details here:
CDPR Forums

Example HOW-TO

  • encode example.en.csv to w3strings file with: w3strings.exe --encode example.en.csv --id-space 9999
  • rename encoded example.en.csv.w3strings to en.w3strings and put it into the contents folder of your mod
  • optional: put generated and into the contents/scripts folder of your mod
  • optional: test script access by opening the console (from console mod) and call function test_verifyW3Strings() The test result will be logged and shown in the HUD.

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  • md5: 48cc24b86b6af01d407f27f9e6e261a7
  • sha256: ee729aefc94ec314798b016833bf71754fc9771bce0aaceb665168e368646deb