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Enable quick and manual save during combat with mobs, fist fights, maybe bosses. No Guarantees.

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***Update for v131***
You may need to run ScriptMerger to combine with other mods, but the change for this is very minor and shouldn't interfere with anything script-side. Again though, game effects appear stable but still no guarantees because it's an unintended function.

***Update 02/06 for version 1.21***
I tried to improve the functionality of this mod, but every thread I pulled just lead me into off-limits-by-CDPR game files. Unless someone else has other ideas, it stays at its level of effectiveness. Which is still better than nothing.

***Enable Saving During Combat***

By default, CDPR disabled saving during combat. Well it turns out that is linked to a pretty simple function on combat start, so I just removed it.  The mod lets you quick save at any point during mob fights or fist fights. It might work with bosses. This is a very simple script edit, I haven't changed anything about how the save or load functions works. I haven't tested it thoroughly besides repeated use during hours of testing other things, so USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. Upon loading, everyone is in the same spot with the same stats, but with animations cancelled if they were mid attack or something. It's pretty seamless, but results vary a little depending on each load.

Don't know what it's useful for besides testing. If there's a hard mob fight, sometimes you might want to save after you killed the archers or something. Just an extra little buff.

Note: I'm disabling bug reports since honestly I can't do anything else to support this file. It's a simple tweak. There's a bit of inherent instability, it's up to you if you want to mess with it.

Issues Experienced:
1. Occasionally when you load Geralt won't be "in combat mode" for a couple seconds. Just hop around till it triggers or load again.
2. Occasional instability/crashing if you send too many commands immediately after loading. ie. I had the "no combat" glitch trigger, and while hopping/Quen/trying to sprint away the game crashed. Just took it a little easier during subsequent loads. Holding block is a safe bet.
3. You'll still get the "can't save now" brief if you try to save again too soon after the last time, same as anywhere else.

Installation instructions:
0. Use Script Merger because that's the thing to do now, especially if you have any other mods that change (ie a lot of them).
1. Extract the folder "modSaveDuringCombat" from the zip to [Witcher 3 folder]\mods.

Uninstallation instructions:
1. Delete the folder "modSaveDuringCombat" in [Witcher 3 folder]\mods

Have fun!