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Adds two new runestones not used and tweaks a few others.

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This mod adds two new runestones that are contained in the HoS expansion game files but not used (they had no bonuses).  They are now sold by the Runewright.  You'll need the HoS expansion for these new runes as well as changes to the runes added in the HoS expansion.  Mod also optionally tweaks  and changes some runes.  Contains a file with new runes only, no edits to anything vanilla and a file with changes to runes and glyphs listed below as well.

New Pyerog Runestone:
3% Critical Hit Chance.  Only one tier, no lesser or greater versions as these are not in the game files.  Sold by Runewright.

New Tvarog Runestone:
30% Critical Hit Damage.  Only one tier, no lesser or greater versions as these are not in the game files.  Sold by Runewright.

Tweaks and Changes:

Glyph of Reinforcement:
Lesser: 3% bludgeoning resistance
Normal: 3% Piercing resistance
Greater: 3% Slashing resistance
Glyph of Mending:
Lesser: 2 Life Regen 
Normal: 3 Life Regen
Greater: 5 Life Regen 

Glyph of Binding:
Lesser: 1% Life 
Normal: 2% Life
Greater: 3% Life

Veles Runestone:
Lesser: 3% Sign Intensity 
Normal: 5% Sign Intensity 
Greater: 7% Sign Intensity 

Perun Runestone:
Lesser: 3% Adrenaline Gain 
Normal: 5% Adrenaline Gain 
Greater: 7% Adrenaline Gain 

Chernobog Runestone:
Lesser: 3% Attack Power 
Normal: 5% Attack Power 
Greater: 7% Attack Power

Igni/Aard/Axii/Quen/Yrden Glyphs:
Lesser: 4%
Normal: 7% 
Greater: 10%


Move in to your mods folder.  Not compatible with any mod that edits the same thing.  


Delete "modNewRunestonesAndTweaks" in your mod folder.  Contains on scripts, just xml edits.  Vanilla values will return as soon as you delete the mod.


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