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  • Geralt has Dettlaff's head

    The mod will gradually develop until all errors are removed;)...

  • Rainbow Buffet Casual Skellige

    I like the original, but then I asked myself what if blue isn't someone's favorite color and so I did some changes and variation, enjoy....

  • Playthrough feedback regarding W3EE mechanics from three independent testing parties (possible fixes included):

    Problem list:
    <balance><immersion>  Weirdly distributed armor stats across all armors in the game. Some armors are missing certain defense types. Many lower-medium quality armors are completely not worth using after one hour of gameplay. Equipment usability gaps are interrupting game flow and narrow player choices regarding used gear.

    Possible fixes: Manually redistribute armor values for each armor piece in the game. Decrease the stat differences between all gear qualities. (done)
    The armor stats will have to be manually redistributed again for merge with W3EE update in which there is no more Rending Resistance stat (delayed)


    <balance>  White Raffard Decoction + white Honey combo is completely breaking the di...

  • Freezing Yrden

    Now your yrden will freeze your enemies...

  • V 1.0 released

    Sorry about the delay. I've just uploaded v 1.0 of the mod. This is the final release and it includes blood and wine and censors every scene except for the intro with Yennefer. I was never able to get that one to work correctly. I decided that it was better to just release the mod than to get it to work....

  • 1000LVL_MAX_ESGO_3.0.1

    Two modified files. EXPEREMENTAL....

  • Bugs Compatibility

    If you find and bugs, please let me know and I will fix them as soon as possible.

    If you need this to be updated to work with another mod, please let me know and I will make a compatability file as soon as possible/if it is possible....

  • Thoughts

    Does Anna Henrietta's' carpet match those MASSIVE drapes? ...

  • Realtalk

    What does Regis put in his Mandrake cordial? ...

  • Feedback

    I hope you like my reshade. I will be happy if you let me know. Greetz...

  • Represent Redania

    With the launch of this mod you have the chance to show your Northern pride by representing Redania!...

  • Increase the stack size of Horse saddle/blinder/bag and weapon/armor repair Kit

    Increase the stack size of Horse saddle/blinder/bag and weapon/armor repair Kit to 999.
    Saddle, blindfold, horse bag stack is not perfect.

  • Griffon Update is finally here _ So what do we do now.

    Now the Griffon armor is done, more or less, I don't know what to do next. I mean there's still a bunch of individual crap to add like helmets and new armors and chainmail bikinis (no, I have not forgotten), but every Tailory update has it's own lil' theme. Like a flagship item or set.

    So if by chance I'm not the only one that checks on this mod's progress, I'll list out the two options being considered as of this moment and you let me know which one appeals the most to you.

    ALTERNATIVELY you can tell me what you think the next update's theme should be. Any ideas? I love a little discussion. Just don't say Game of Thrones, because that's already being worked on and it'd be nice to do something more colorful in the meantime.

    Sound good? OKAY.

  • Using the Framework

    Using the Framework

    Step 1: Tools Needed

    W3Strings encoder
    A photo editing software.

    Step 2: Setting up your Workspace
    Download the Custom Mutations Framework file and the example script file.
    Install the framework by dropping it into your mods folder.
    Copy modName in to your mods folder. This will be your mod, so you can rename it.
    You can also rename the .ws file inside to whatever you wish.
    So: mod<name>content/scripts/<name>.ws.

    If you have other mods installed use script merger.
    As a test, launch the game, and load the mutations panel. You should see 4 new
    mutations. They will be using the values and icons the example script f...

  • Menu Walkthrough / README (3.0.3)

    PLEASE READ ALL OF THIS INFORMATION BEFORE POSTING QUESTIONS! There are 57 total toggle switches and sliders in this configuration menu, so it is important you understand what each of them do to get the configuration you want.


    To load your selected preset, toggle ON whichever one you wish to use (make sure to only have ONE picked at a time) then close the menu (if you're in a game) or load a game (if you're in the main menu). This implementation hopes to eliminate the limitation of the "preset" buttons that cannot change values on other setting pages.

    Load "Herbs Only" Preset: Loads settings for the "AutoLoot Herbs" version (AutoLoot only "plant" containers)
    Load "Corpse...

  • Changes and abilities

    This is a full list of changes this mod makes (at cards) compared to the vanilla gwent, including a descritpion of their new abilities.

    Some of these changes are already planed to be changed during the next update. However, here's only written how the cards are right now.
    Most names of the cards are shortend in this list, since I didn't want to google the complete name of every card. If there's something unclear, just say it and I will update the name :)
    When I write that some card got the buff ability, I mean by this the abillity to give every card in the row +1 power
    When I write that some card boosts some other cards, I mean by this that those cards get the x2 power boost for every other (listed) card on the field.


  • Monster resistances and debuffs

    OK, it might be a bit weird to see such hight numbers in lets say slowdown or knockdown chances.

    BUT. There is a reason behind such values.

    First of all every such debuff is affected by resistances, every mob gets 1% of resistance for EVERY level and if its a BOSS monster/man it gets another 50% just for being a badass boss, you know.

    And another VERY important thing - resistances are not subtracted from your chance to apply an effect. Your chance is actually multiplied by (100%-resist%).

    What does it mean is that if you are fighting lets say level 30 mob with 100% slowdown then the actual slowdown will be 100%*(1-0.3) = 70%. But lets say its a level 70 monster and you are still at 100% slowdown then the actual slowdown will be 100%*(1-0....

  • How to extract and edit Witcher 3 XML Files

    I wrote this guide which I never fully finished on how to start editing Witcher 3 XML files. It is not complete, but all the people I gave it to, understood how to do it very fast. It shows mostly how to extract files to mod them. Vanilla files are in CONTENT folder, DLC are in DLC folder.

    The files you need are XML files (edited with Notepad). Basically to change armor appearance, you need to look for "equip_template" line and change it with the equip_template of the other armor. Temerian armor is DLC for example, so you need to find the DLC files, like DLC7 or DLC6, I don't remember which one it is. Wolf Armor is DLC 10 for example. The Expansion items are in DLC > EP1 and so on.
    It is not complicated or anything... you just need a bit of patience to lea...

  • Having Problems getting the mod to work? Here are a 4 things you could try.

    If you are having troubles getting the mod to run or run correctly, make sure you read this article because it contains some valuable information that could determine if the mod runs correctly. This applies for script errors, armor rating not updating, or anything else that could go wrong.

    Some of this may seem like common sense, but it never hurts to check.

    1. Make sure the right folder is in your games "mods" folder.

    It can't hurt to check and make sure the folder is in the correct place.

    From your <Game Directory>\mods\ folder, make sure the Leveling Starting Armor folder is named "modStartingArmor_*******" With ****** being the version of mod you have downloaded. If the name of the folde...