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This is a save-game by me to import to The Witcher 3.
I specifically made this cuz I really like the special forces tattoo and the concept of it carrying over to Witcher 3 :D

Permissions and credits
(This is the first version so I only have gotten on Roche's path, but fret not I'll also add Iorveth's path as soon as I complete it too!)

Save details:
For Roche's Path:
I've completed the game on dark difficulty.
All quests are completed.
The Temerian special forces tattoo is included.

Choices checklist->
-Acquired the Special Tattoo (of course)
-Spared Adam Pangratt
-Henselt is alive
-Count Maravel and Baron Kimbolt accused
-Helped Brigida Paperbrock
-Infiltrated the Kaedweni camp, killed Dethmold, saved Anais La Valette
-Persuaded Siegfried to let us go freeeee
-Gave Anais to Constable John Natalis
-Saved Sile de Tansarville from the unstable portal
-Killed Saesenthsis (the dragon/Saskia)
-Spared Letho

Locate the Witcher 2 saves folder specifically:
"Users > [username] > My Documents > Witcher 2 > gamesaves"
if there isn't one, then create it.

And volia! Open Witcher 3 and import the save game from there.