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A collection of retextures for various characters in The Witcher 2.

Permissions and credits
Here is my attempt to update character appearances and add some continuity for character appearances between the Witcher 2 and 3. All textures are taken from the Witcher 3 and have been tweaked and edited by me. Textures have been upscaled to go along with hub997's AI Upscaled Mod.

To install: Extract the file and place it into the games 'cookedPC' folder. ( C:\GOG Galaxy\Games\The Witcher 2\CookedPC ) or 
( C:\Steam\steamapps\common\The Witcher 2\CookedPC )

Completed Characters:

Geralt of Rivia - New face, added striga scars, whiter hair and eyebrows, and paler skin.
Triss - New chestnut hair color.
Roche - REMOVED - Moved to my 'The Blue Stripes' Mod 
Iorveth - REMOVED - Moved to my 'The Scoia'tael' Mod 
Zoltan - Tweaked face and facial scar
Letho - New face
Filippa - New face
Radovid - REMOVED - Moved to my 'The Northern Kings and Nobility' Mod
Tailles - REMOVED - Moved to my 'The Northern Kings and Nobility' Mod
Ves - REMOVED - Moved to my 'The Blue Stripes' Mod 
Dandelion - New face. Three versions. 1- Witcher 3 face (included in the AIO) 2- Witcher 3 face with Bathsebah's edit 3- Witcher 3 face with Bathsebah's edit with blonde facial hair to go with Flixter's - Lore Dandelion blonde hair mod (Install his mod first, then overwrite files with mine)
All credit for the "Lore Dandelion" retextures go to Bathsebah and their amazing Bathsebah's Book Jaskier (Dandelion) mod for the Witcher 3 which I brought to the Witcher 2 and edited the facial hair. 

Added eye colors for:
Light Brown
Aqua Marine

To do list:

As many characters as I can
More eye colors

I use these great mods to complete the looks of my characters:

Hiuuz's The Witcher III Triss Merigold for the Witcher 2
Blue eyes for Triss (Lore-Friendly)
Aen Seidhe Eyes
Whiter Teeth from Some Stuff

Thanks to hiuuz, flixsterhub997Fuse00, and orochi0313 for all their support and helping me in my modding journey.

Thanks to Andrzej Sapkowski for the Witcher Universe
Thanks to CD Projekt RED for the Witcher games