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A simple mod that changes the Passive Abilities system so you can acquire all of these abilities in a single play-through, including buggy abilities.

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It is not possible to access all abilities in the game; Some of them are buggy and some of them are because you choose a different path in the game. You can view these abilities here. Thanks to this mode, it is now possible to acquire all of these abilities in a single play-through.

Now available combined with the "Dark Items for All Difficulty Levels - Bug Fix - Alternative" (3 talent point per level) mod.

I've tested that all abilities work without any problems except "Executioner", "Anatomy lesson" , "Birdman" and "Child of the night" abilities. If you try these any 4 abilities that I haven't tested, I would appreciate it if you could write the result (positive or negative) in the comments.


Two modes are available (and both combined with the "Dark Items for All Difficulty Levels" mode). In the main mode, it adheres to the passive ability system of the game and gives the buggy abilities and the abilities in the alternative path (Iorveth's and Roche's Paths) in addition to other abilities. In the alternative mode, in addition to the game's passive ability system, it gives you certain abilities at each level; so as the level progresses, there is no ability that you can't collect from passive abilities.

- Main Mod -

Simply, some abilities also give you another ability that you can't normally acquire. Which ability gives which ability in addition is as follows:

AbilityAdditional Ability
Strong BackExecutioner
*Executioner Strong Back
Strong Stomach Battle Seasoned
Assassin      Healthy Diet
Thrower       Precision
Cover   Tough
*Anatomy Lesson David
*Birdman       Exorcist
*Child of the Night        Swordsman
David    Anatomy Lesson
Swordsman Child of the night
Half-Pirouette      Toxic Blood

*: Not tested.

- Alternative Mod -

With the game's own ability system continuing to work, at the same time, a new passive ability is added at each level thanks to this mod. When you level up, if you don't have the ability to be given at that level, that ability is added to the passive abilities. The abilities that will be given in the new levels were made according to the order in the normal game flow. Unlike the main mode, you can't miss any passive abilities in the alternative version (this version closer to cheat). The list of abilities per level is as follows:

Level 2 - Assassin
Level 3 - Axii sign hex & Intimidate & Persuasion Level 1
Level 4 - Conjuror
Level 5 - Strong Back
Level 6 - Sapper
Level 7 - Experienced
Level 8 - Axii sign hex & Intimidate & Persuasion Level 2
Level 9 - Cover
Level 10 - Pyromaniac
Level 11 - Parry
Level 12 - Summer's Crown
Level 13 - Thrower
Level 14 - Axii sign hex & Intimidate & Persuasion Level 3
Level 15 - Strong Stomach
Level 16 - Haggling
Level 17 - Resistance to Magic
Level 18 - Half-Pirouette
Level 19 - Batter
Level 20 - Toxic Blood
Level 21 - Child of the night
Level 22 - Anatomy lesson
Level 23 - Birdman
Level 24 - David
Level 25 - Exorcist
Level 26 - Executioner
Level 27 - Swordsman
Level 28 - Tough
Level 29 - Battle seasoned
Level 30 - Arcane Knowledge
Level 31 - Winter's Shroud
Level 32 - Healthy diet
Level 33 - Precision


1- Make a backup of the "base_scripts.dzip" file in the "the witcher 2\CookedPC" folder - just in case,
2- Download the mod file,
3- Copy the "base_scripts.dzip" file inside the zip archive to the "the witcher 2\CookedPC" folder,
4- Enjoy the game...

Note: Of course it won't work with any other mod that uses "base_scripts.dzip"; For this, you can combine it with another mod using Gibbed RED Tools. If there is a request, I will publish the version combined with another mod.