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I wanted a save file for my new Witcher 3 playthrough but I could not find any files that made the choices I would have, so here is my save file for the Witcher 2
I did not play the first game because of how aged it is, my The Witcher 1 save import was neutral.

Permissions and credits

Lied to King Foltest.
Did not help the villagers.
Aryan La Valette is dead.

Chapter 1

Gave Iorweth his sword.
Joined Scoia'tael.
Had to sneak through the Bernard Loredo backyard and hear him talk to Sheala de Tancarville.
Gave The Rose of Remembrance to Triss Merigold.
Had sex with Triss Merigold in elven ruins.
Saved non-humans in Flotsam rebellion.
Saved the elven women from the burning tower therefore Bernard Loredo is alive.
Let the guards hit Iorweth.
Stennis is dead.

Chapter 2

As Stennis; "I am forced to accept your terms." was chosen.
Deceived the ghost about Dun Banner.
Killed the Succubus.
Killed the Troll and his Wife. 
Been very friendly to Vernon Roche.

Chapter 3

Followed Iorweth to the cave after killing every guard.
Went to the Loc Muinne sewers for Philippa Eilhart.
Chose to save Saesenthessis (Saskia) from her curse. (If I've chosen to save Triss Merigold, Saesenthessis couldn't become a leader.)
Let Sheala de Tancarville die from the megascope.
Saesenthessis is cured and leads the Upper Aedirn.
Killed Letho.
Iorweth called me the "most honourable human I know." to which Geralt of Rivia automatically replied, "I'm not a human."
Walked out to the bridge with Triss Merigold and Iorweth.

You are free to do whatever you wish with this file and you do not need to credit me.