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This mod changes the amount of mutagen slots. Here you can find 5 variations of mutagen slots placing, see screenshots.

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In the files section you can find 5 variations of mutagen points placing change. You can find the placing pictures in screenshots section.

Default mutagen points amount is 13.

Verified with the last steam W2:EE version.


Unpack selected file to  "game dir"\CookedPC\

To pass the tutorial you should insert mutagen into "Arrow Redirection" or "Fortitude"

Why is it logical to change the amount of mutagen slots?

It seems like game creators planed the mutagen system to be much different from the current one. Every talent has from 1 to 3 dots for mutagen indication, the maximum amount of dots available for talents is 137, and the diffence in amount for talents means that is not just a blank for further work. May be the mutagens had to be completely different, or creators changed their mind, or their ideas ran out. Anyway, the current mutagen system is borring and uninteresting. This mod gives you an opportunity to change that a bit.

Also every new mutagen has less efficiency in % and player should first find those mutagens.

And finally mutagens are meant to be very powerfull, in current version they give in total less profit than a single second level talent.

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