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This is a Reshade ENB Preset for the Witcher 2.

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Important: I recently wasn't happy with a lot of visuals with my original one, and I completely reworked it. If you have the Original one I made please redownload the new one here. It is the only one up for download. Also I recommend turning off bloom in the ingame settings in the launcher. It helps to remedy the over brightness in the world.

This is my first ENB Preset I am uploading, because I couldn't find any preset for Reshade for the Witcher 2, and I hate the other ENB programs other people were using. 

First you need extract the file from the zip folder. Then get the current version of Reshade 3.4.0 and above. Then find select the Witcher 2 exe file where it says select game, next select Direct3D 9. It will then ask you if want to download the library of effects press yes. Then select these from the list:

& any other ones you want to experiment with.

Then select Edit Reshade Settings, and where it says presets press the 3 dots beside. Then find where my preset you downloaded is saved and select it. Then to the left of it after you have selected my preset there is a drop down box that says "Select Active" Click it and select my preset, and you should be good.

Start the game up and press shift F2 to adjust the settings to your liking.