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Notice: Additional details are in the Readme file. I also created similar mods for other games: Mass Effect 2, Mass Effect 3, Dragon Age Origins, Dragon Age 2...


Geralt now turns, moves and attacks consistently, making gameplay skill-based instead of luck-based. It also fixes some bugs and includes convenience medallion/looting features.

Combat Gameplay

Locking on to enemies now actually makes a difference. Unless you activate the locking key/button Geralt stays in Manual Attack Mode. In this mode:

  • Geralt stays in the same place and doesn't jump at random, regardless of the enemy automatically selected by the game.
  • Geralt turns to the camera orientation. This applies to all combat actions: parrying and attacking with fists, sword, magic or throwable items.
  • Attacks affect all nearby enemies where the camera is facing, but with reduced damage (sword ability bonuses still apply however).
  • It is not possible to perform ripostes or instant kills.

Activating the locking key/button with a selected enemy enables Locked Attack Mode. In this mode:

  • Geralt turns, moves to (if necessary) and attacks that enemy when possible. This applies to all combat actions: parrying and attacking with fists, sword, magic or throwable items.
  • It is possible to perform ripostes and instant kills to the locked enemy.
  • The camera tracks the locked enemy, to make it more intuitive and clear that this mode is active.

During boss fights it may be necessary/useful to use the new locking features.


  • The game is missing animations for long-range strong sword attacks. This mod replaces them with alternative attacks. Correct animations are triggered according to the attack direction and distance.
  • Fixed an incorrect calculation of frontal group attacks damage when the respective sword ability is disabled.

Convenience Features

I don't consider these cheats since they don't give any noticeable advantage, but if others disagree I can remove these changes:

  • Medallion recharge time reduced to 4 seconds.
  • Reduced damage received when fighting with fists (Geralt still receives much more damage than normal though).

Fast looting mode. It is possible to pick up items by focusing on nearby objects. This feature is disabled by default. To give Geralt this ability add the following line to the [Gameplay] section of the User.ini file:

This file is located at: <Documents folder path>\Witcher 2\config\User.ini


Copy the file base_scripts.dzip to the game CookedPC folder. Example path for Steam version:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\the witcher 2\CookedPC\


Reverse the installation steps. The mod can be (un)installed at any time without interfering with game saves.

Advanced Tips

  • In Manual Attack Mode, initiating fast/strong sword attacks while holding the Move forward key/button performs a medium-range attack:
  • a combination of moving forward and attacking.
  • Sword attacks can be chained by initiating a new attack when the previous one is ending. Correct timing requires some practice because different attacks have varying durations. This is the most effective way of dealing damage quickly. Any combination of sword attacks can be chained: Manual/Locked Attack Mode, fast/strong, any distance or direction.