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Fixes the FCR2 removal of the Summer Solstice and Winter Crown DLC. Also fixes Dark Weapon damage stats. Also fixes Meteorite Ore not showing up o shops.

Permissions and credits
Fix 1 (DLC Abilites):
Full Combat Rebalance (FCR2) was finished before the patch that introduced the Summer Solstice and Winter Crown DLCs. As a result the Summer's Crown and Winter's Shroud abilities will not work or show up in abilities section (even though you get the message they've been added)
This quick fix XML adds the necessary lines to geralt_basic.xml to add the DLC abilities back into the game.
Changes: The following lines are added near the end of the 'geralt_basic.xml right before '# Quen Buff - ability zakladane, gdy dziala quen."
# story s31 - Summer achievement 
<ability name="story_s31_1"> </ability>
# story s32 - Winter achievement 
<ability name="story_s32_1"> </ability>

Fix 2 (Dark Weapons Stats):
It also turns out that the Dark Weapons do not have their advertised stats. After looking into the items.xml it was obvious this was due to typos.
The new items excel gives Dark Weapons the correct stats as follows:
Dark difficulty steelsword A1 Damage: 26
Dark difficulty steelsword A2 Damage: 28
Dark difficulty steelsword A3 Damage: 30
Dark difficulty silversword A1 Damage: 26
Dark difficulty silversword A2 Damage: 28
Dark difficulty silversword A3 Damage: 30

Fix 3 (Meteorite Ore at Shops):
Apparently the item title is case sensitive.  I did not add these ores, they were already there.  I simply fixed the case sensitive typo.
Changes: "Red Meteorite Ore" to "Red meteorite ore" 
Changes: "Blue Meteorite Ore" to "Blue meteorite ore"
Changes: "Yellow Meteorite Ore" to "Yellow meteorite ore"

- For all fixes drop the Cooked PC folder into your The Witcher 2 folder.
- (Option) For DLC fix only drop abilities folder into Cooked PC folder
- (Option) For Dark Weapons fix odrop def_stats_item_swordsilver.xml & def_stats_item_swordsteel.xml into Cooked PC/ items folder
- (Option) For Meteorite Ore fix only drop def_shops.xml in items folder into Cooked PC/ items folder

Fix 4 (Steel and Silver Sword bug fixes):
There are several typos in the swords which cause erroneous damage numbers.
Changes: Scrubbed def_stats_item_swordsilver for typos and fixed as needed
Changes: Scrubbed def_stats_item_swordsteel for typos and fixed as needed

Fix 5 (Mutagen bug fixes):
Mutagens were consolidated into one type however lesser and greater mutagens were not actually removed from the game and could be acquired from random alchemy.
Changes: Removed all lesser and greater mutagens from def_item_mutagens and def_stats_item_mutagens
Changes: Changed Strength +1 to Strength +2 in def_stats_item_mutagens because +1 strength versus +4 signs made no sense