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The Witcher 1 choices:
-Went to lab with leo
-Let elves take Haren's goods.
-Killed pheasants and sided with Abigail.
-Accepted Siegfried's help in the Sewer.
-chose Order of the flaming rose at Chapter II
-Find out that Azar was behind the murder and trapped him at the tower, acquired Alzur's Shield at the end of Chapter III
-Killed Patrick De Weyze and let the Ladies Of The Night live at "Blue Eyes" quest.
-Let Thaler go after he argues with Count De Wett
-Banged Princess Adda
-Completed both Echoes of Yesterday (Yaevinn) and Six Feet Under (Siegfried) missions at Chapter III
-Let Shani take alvin, given a ring to her.
-Helped Yaevinn escape from the bank because he wanted me to kill monsters but Siegfriend wanted me to kill elves. I chosen the lesser evil.
-Knelt before Lady of the Lake and said that I believe in Destiny, I got Aerondight.
-Helped the Vodyanoi by killing Dagon and stealing the prize winning cow.
-Sided with Elves against the Order on the village .
-Completed Raven's armor with the help of Kalkstein
-Berengar dies at the end of the fight with Azar. 
-Awarded legendary Moon Blade from Royal Huntsman, Legend Fist Fighter (Defeated Zyvik twice)
-I let Yaevinn go and killed Siegfried.
-Adda lives and married with Radovid.
-Vincent cured and alive.
-After I killed the King of the Wild hunt, I obtained something from him.
-Didn't let King of the Wild Hunt take Jacques De Aldersberg, I killed him instead.