Alternative Outfit for Triss by Karpfenfrosch
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Alternative Outfit for Triss

1. What this mod does:

This is a simple texture mod that gives Triss a less colorful outfit. It is now mostly brown with a few blue elements (like the necklace f. ex.).
The outfit aims to stay lore friendly and fit into the „traveller setting“ of The Witcher 2 while maintaining the elegance of a sorceress.
I also edited her staff a bit to match her new outfit.

2. How to install / uninstall:

Simply unpack the .rar file (using a program like WinRaR) and place the content in your „CookedPC“ folder in your games' main folder.
To uninstall you just have to remove the files you copied into the „CookedPC“ folder again.

3. About the Screenshots:

For the screenshots I used „Auburn hair for Triss“ by kanapkajill and „Blue eyes for Triss (Lore-Friendly)“ by pypeaf.
I recommend  using these mods aswell.


4. Two more things:

I also tried replacing models but I have encountered a lot of problems. If anyone knows how to replace meshes correctly I'd be really grateful if you could help me out.

Feel free to use my mod as you like. Upload to other sites, include in your own mod, etc. Just give credit to me.
And now enjoy!