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My Alternative Imports Mod (MAI Mod)
By: The Man of the Waterfall
Version: 0.1a



I finally started to play The Witcher 2. Upon entering the battlefield in The Witcher 2, I had found to my dismay that the imported sword(s) has not only withered in power but also not retaining its signature traits/effects in any form. Upon searching the Witcher 2 Nexus, I found a bandage to my problem - the long endorsed 'Better Imported Items' mod by Pezza. However, I still wondered if I could have something that mimic the original stats in the first Witcher game, but I didn't seem to find anything else on the Nexus. Therefore, I set forth trying to 'translate' the imported items from the first Witcher game into their 'Witcher 2 form'. It obviously could not be a one-to-one translation, so I had to improvise. This mod was what resulted, and I am throwing it out there to share just in case there are other people interested.



The Mod is divided into three parts:

1. MAI Main Mod - folder This is where the primary mod files are located. This changes the aspects of the 7 known imported items - 4 steel swords, 2 silver swords, and 1 chest armor. The files contained are listed below.
See the CHANGES section for a detailed description of the changes.

2. MAI Optional Roche Jacket - This folder is where the option version of the armor stat modification file is placed. The Blue Stripes Combat Jacket (Roche Commando Jacket) was modified in addition to the imported Raven Armor. This version of the file listed below must overwrite the one in the main mod since it changes the stats of an armor outside the scope of "imported". With the file below, BOTH Raven's Armor and the Blue Stripes Combat Jacket will have upgraded stats.
See the OPTIONAL CHANGES section for a detailed description of the changes.

3. MAI Optional Tooltip Text - This folder contains the files needed to see some of the otherwise hidden tool-tips regarding some weapon and/or armor effects. Please see the KNOWN ISSUES section below for more information.
See the OPTIONAL CHANGES section for a detailed description of the changes.

To install, simply add the files from the CookedPC folder into the respective folder where The Witcher 2 is installed. For instance, the main mod files are under the '..CookedPC\items\' folder, so they belong in the under the same '..CookedPC\items\' directory in the Witcher 2 installation folder. If you are prompted to replace some files, then you may have another mod that modifies the same files I did. Make a back up of your original(s) before replacing/overwriting or attempting to merge the files manually.

To uninstall, remove the added files mentioned above from your Witcher 2 CookedPC subfolders.



Imported Weapon Critical Effects Translation:
Pain --> +(W1Percentage/10)% Chance to Stun, +(W1Percentage/2)% Chance to Bleed
Disarm --> +(W1Percentage/4)% Damage Reduction on Block, +3% Knock-down
Blinding --> +(W1Percentage/10)% Chance to Stun, +3% Knock-Down
Precise Hit --> +(W1Percentage/2) 'Back-stab' damage, +1 adrenaline per hit
"Penetrates opponent armor" bonus --> After new damage calculations, the new minimum weapon damage will be the weapon's new max damage value subtracted by two.
"Attack" bonus -->  After new damage calculations, the minimum weapon damage will be increased by 10%.
*If the Witcher 1 weapon has a critical effect represented in the Witcher 2, then the critical effect for the Witcher 2 version is the Witcher 1 value divided by two.
* All original Witcher 2 imported weapons' critical effects remain and any bonus translated above is added to it.
* All original Witcher 2 weapons' number of rune slot were unchanged.
* There is a known issue with some of the tooltips on the weapons not showing by a normal installation of the game; therefore, some of the tool-tips for critical effects seen in the screenshot will not be visible by default. I am using an optional addition/change to reveal those effect tool-tips. Please see the KNOWN ISSUES section and related optional files for more detail.

Imported Weapon Damage Change Equation: 
1. [W2MinDamage] + (W2MinDamage x W1SwordDamageBonus%) = NewMinDamage
2. [W2MaxDamage] + (W2MaxDamage x W1SwordDamageBonus%) = NewMaxDamage
3. New W2 sword's weapon value is [NewMinDamage] to [NewMaxDamage]
* Values are rounded to the nearest whole number; decimal values at 0.5 and above are rounded up.

Imported Armor Value Translation:
The stats of the three Raven Armor variants were combined and then evaluated to produce the translated values. The intent was to give it traits that resembled the original in some way, rather than improve it's power/usefulness (well) beyond Chapter 1. I feel due to its new unique characteristics, it is still a buff to the armor despite face values.



--- STEEL SWORDS [Fe]+ ---

Ard'aenye -->
New Damage = 21-45
(no critical effects)
Category upgraded from Common to Epic.
Comments: According to the Witcher Wikia, this sword is no longer obtainable. In the instance that someone has a save prior to the 'patch out' of this sword or that someone is using a mod that makes it available in either Witcher game, then the imported Ard'aenye will once again be the heavy-hitter, but it has no critical effects it relies on that all-about-that-base-damage one-trick-pony. Along with having no critical effects, the Ard'aenye has only one rune slot and suffers from a wider (than normal/expected) damage range due to the new damage calculations, so pray to R. N. Geesus for more high/max rolls. Ultimately, it is still expected (and intended) that it be replaced by more consistent or outright better swords - usually like those mostly expected mid-game and later.

D'yaebl -->
New Damage = 12-17
+5% Stun, +25% Bleeding, +6 Damage Reduction on Block, +3% Knock-down
(+ retains current instant kill chance effect)
Category upgraded from Common to Rare.
Comments: When looking over the original stats of these imported swords, I could not feel that despite this sword's interesting name and the interesting circumstances in being obtained it would simply a lesser brother of the Gwalhir. I cannot say that now isn't the case, but the Witcher 2 version's critical effect helps in making it stand out a bit more. For those attached to this sword and had it imported, it will serve well longer in the early game with the damage increase and effects added. And as a consolation prize [though possibly a minor spoiler?], keep in mind that The Witcher 2 has another sword of a very similar name - should R. N. Geesus deem one worthy of coming across it.

Mahakaman Rune Sihil (G'valchir) -->
New Damage = 22-24
(+ retains current instant kill chance effect)
Category unchanged (Magical).
Comments: Similar to the Ard'aenye, this sword mainly boasted damage (bonus percent and armor penetration). Perhaps like many others, this was the steel sword my Geralt carried to the end of the first saga. It now boasts better damage with a smaller (than normal/expected) damage range representing the inherited armor penetrating quality. With three rune slots and now better damage this sword should see Geralt through to past all the early game.

Gwalhir -->
New Damage = 14-20
+10 Damage Reduction on Block, +3% Knock-down, +4% Stun, +20% Bleeding, +20 'back-stab' damage, +1 adrenaline per hit
Category upgraded from common to Rare.
Comments: Like what the Aerondight was compared to the Moon Blade, Gwalhir sacrificed some raw damage potential for a series of critical effects. And like the imported silver sword counter-part, it had all that stripped away in the Witcher 2 when imported. Now the Gwalhir has a damage boost along with critical effects I thought translated as appropriate. It still only has one rune slot. Again, this sword should see Geralt through the early game, but expect it to be outclassed in at least damage and rune slots soon after by my estimate.

--- SILVER SWORDS [Ag]+ ---

Aerondight -->
New Damage = 19-29
+10% Stun, +30% Bleed, +3% Knock-down, +25% Incineration, +25 'back-stab' damage, +1 adrenaline per hit
Category unchanged (Magical).
Comments: This sword basically made me do this mod since it was its shrivelled husk that I looked at with much dismay during the start of The Witcher 2. To me, it was only the Aerondight in name, and having none of the spirit - and that just cannot be! The damage was increased in the same way as the others, with just a bit more minimum due to the old attack bonus trait. The critical effects were translated over using my interpretation. With better damage, varied critical effects, and three rune slots, this silver sword should not have any serious competitors until mid-game. And that finally brings us to the last imported sword to mention which I suspect most players would have imported ...unless they were really attached to the Aerondight like me...

Moon Blade (Moonblade) -->
New Damage = 28-44
(+ retains current bleed effect and sign damage bonus)
Category unchanged (Magical).
Comments: The silver sword which was all-about-that-base-damage and with all the right curves in all the right places - until you import it into The Witcher 2 that is. I manage to restore some of that base damage, but sadly I just cannot bring back those lost curves. Someone who can model 3d swords for this game can feely take a swing at that (re)quest. With the new calculated damage (despite the wider damage range than normal/expected), three rune slots, and default Witcher 2 critical effect bonuses, the Moon Blade may remain relevant until past mid-game by my estimate.

--- ARMOR ---

Raven's Armor -->
+8 Armor
+105% damage on counter-attack;
+2 Sign damage bonus
+15 Vitality
+1 Vitality Regeneration
+1 Vigor
(I decided that new vigor regeneration value would be too low, so this effect was excluded to reduce clutter.)
+13% Resistance to Bleeding, Poisoning, and Burning
Max Weight +10
Category upgraded from Rare to Epic.
Comments: I did not change/buff this with the intention one did not have to replace it until mid-game or more - the swords had more chance of accomplishing that. The buffs were really intended to reflect the traits it carried in the first Witcher saga (in keeping with the nostalgia theme) but still intentionally weaken. I feel the changes does still serve to better the armor with the overall variety of benefits even if the raw values for each bonus is not that high.



--- ARMOR ---

Blue Stripes Combat Jacket ('Roche Commando Jacket') -->
Armor +7
Vitality +10
Damage dealt by bombs +30%
Throwing dagger damage +10
Damage dealt when counter-attacking +110% 
*Note: Normally, this is one of the hidden tool-tips. Original value was 100, which seemed an odd multiplier value to set for going out the way and specifying this effect.
Resistance to burn +20% 
Resistance to bleed +10% 
Resistance to poison +10% 
Damage reduction on block +10 
Category unchanged (Epic).
Comments: While technically not an imported armor, the Blue Stripes Combat Jacket was given a (re)buff here because of the Raven Armor changes and because this formerly-collector's-edition DLC item was nerfed down in patch 2.0 and EE, according to the Witcher Wikia. I have improved it and included effects that makes sense for the special forces. In order to see the changes below, one must have the 'MAI Optional Roche Jacket' version of the 'def_stats_item_armor.xml' file. The imported Raven's Armor stat change is included in this version of the file by design.
See #2 under the INSTALLATION section for information for including this armor status change.


The following effect-bonuses/attributes were added so they would appear in the tool-tips:
petards_damage_mult (bomb damage multiplier, found on some armors)
traps_damage_mult (trap damage multiplier, found on some armors)
damage_throw_combo (throwing dagger damage bonus, found on some armors)
riposte_damage_mult (riposite damage multiplier, found on very few armors)
hit_back_bonus (bonus damage when hitting the enemy from the back; found on some weapons)
See #3 under the the INSTALLATION section for more information on how to see these bonuses/effects on weapons and armor.
Note that my screenshots were taken with this installed. You can choose to not have this optional part installed, and it would reduce the clutter of tool-tip text you see on weapons and armor (cleaner, less wordy), but you will have to take the other effects mentioned either just in faith or in research and testing.
See KNOWN ISSUES section for more detail about this invisible/hidden tool-tip.



* About Invisible/Hidden Tooltips: Apparently there are some lines either intentionally or accidentally left empty in a spreadsheet. Thanks to a topic on the CDProjektRed forums, I altered the target file mentioned to show some of the missing tool-tips based on the topic opener's attribute list. In relation to my mod, the weapons and armors have the formerly hidden effect tool-tips now visible with the optional file installed.
Source: link
Topic Opener: Kindo.824
Important Topic Participant: Presskohle



Maybe it was originally planned this way but...
I thought it would make more sense to make the weapons retain their end-game power - or something near it - when imported into the Witcher 2, because..

[Spoilers Ahead - if you have not started the game or didn't even make it into the first chapter yet, etc. --> STOP HERE.. unless you do not care for spoilers..]

1. You (should) end up losing the silver sword 'sticking it' to the dragon. Sure, technically because of the imported sword, you will have another (specifically the imported one is kept even if that is what you seemingly stuck the dragon with), but they could have made it so that the imported swords and armor actually replaced the ones you start with (excluding the collectors DLC jacket, letting it be that perk). That way, the 'starting/imported' Silver Sword would be lost to you at this stage and for the foreseeable future, if not permanently for the rest of the game! Upsetting yes, but there could also be a recourse.. or just forcing the player to accept it (cause crap will happen to Geralt).
Hum.. to think of that moment when my Geralt has to explain to the Lady of the Lake about how he would appreciate another Aerondight because some dragon is unwillingly using the current one as a toothpick.

2. You could/should end up losing your main armor and steel sword after you were in the dungeon. Sure, you eventually get your 'stuff' back, but again, they could have made it so that only the additional items/accessories were returned, but the main steel sword (the one you started with, imported or otherwise), and the armor (the one you started with, imported or otherwise) would be lost. They may have simply be lost in the fire, stolen, or sold - which brings possible recourse to getting them back (much) later if desired.

3. If all the above happened, it logically force Geralt back in rags and salvaged gears you get back. This also makes the rewards such as a diagram for a heavy jacket more valuable.

And possibly, much later on a NPC - be it soldier, merchant, or someone still alive who may not have been depending on choices you made - you may get some/all of it back.