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Field Of View Mod


We must immediately say that the FOV-mod for the Witcher 2 already exists — this is “Fov_Fix_Value” by Puruko & Vingt2. So why do we need another FOV-mod?

To change FOV, only one script needs to be edited: “scripts\game\player\states\”, while the dzip-archives of the “Fov_Fix_Value” contains eighteen extra files overlaps the original game files or other mods files, and in the latter case, this can cause a mods conflict. In addition, “Fov_Fix_Value” weighs ten megabytes (10 666 875) instead of four kilobytes.


Mod changes the game’s FOV value (Field Of View) to any preference from 50 to 120 degrees.


Copy the contents of the folder “FOV-Mod\UserContent\” to the folder “%UserProfile%\Documents\Witcher 2\UserContent\”. If the destination folder is not exists — create it. To quickly navigate to the folder, you can copy & paste %UserProfile%\Documents\Witcher 2\ into the address bar of the explorer.

One click installation

Run the install-fov-mod.bat batch-script.

Selecting the FOV value

Run the launcher (Launcher.exe):

Run the mods-manager (userContentManager.exe) and select the mod with the preferred FOV


Go to the folder “%UserProfile%\Documents\Witcher 2\UserContent\” and delete all folders like FOV-50, FOV-55,.. FOV-120.

One click uninstallation

Run the uninstall-fov-mod.bat batch-script.


Many thanks to Puruko and Vingt2, whose I used.