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This is the culmination of my tweaking of the Controller scheme over the 30hours I spent playing TW2. With one or two presses, it provides quick access to all spells, inventory, maps, journal, character, quick save and toggle UI visibility, a cursor in UI. XPadder and Steam Controller Mapping for XBox Ctrl Profiles available. GOG support via Steam.

Permissions and credits
I love this game and I love CDPR but TW2 sure has the clumsiest Controller layout I've ever come across. This mod attempts to fix that. The aim was to make the controller as versatile as a Keyboard. With one or two buttons, it provides quick access to: all spells, inventory, maps, journal, character, quick save and toggle UI visibility.  It adds a mouse cursor to the UI for controller which you can move around with right stick and click with right trigger. It also adds scroll wheel emulation in the UI at two different speeds.


Start Button
Normal Press: Esc (pause menu or go back).
Long Press: Journal.
LB+Start: Character Menu.

Back Button:
Normal: Inventory
Long: Map
LB+Back:  Inventory

B - Aard -> Yrden (the -> implies a long press)
X - Quick Attack -> Axi // can also be used to select, do functions or loot
Y - Heavy Attack -> Igni // can also be used to press enter
A - Roll or Accept

DPad arrows:
Normal: use that for navigating menus + all the usual functions of the game (sheath, swords etc)
DPad+LB extra = function

Sticks for camera and walking

LT - target -> quick menu
RT - parry
LB+RT - Quen

When you hit the back button the cursor speeds up, right trigger becomes LMouse, left stick becomes a scroll wheel. This is particularly useful when managing your inventory etc. Control scheme will revert back to normal when you press Escape. You'll be able to use the controller as a mouse cursor in all the UIs.

When fist fighting, hit left stick button. When you're done fist fighting, hit any shoulder or back buttons or left trigger.


This mod requires XPadder or Steam.

Download the main file and follow the Instructions within:

Step 1 - Load the Xpadder profile OR, if you have Steam, load this profile (made by Hughuwa for this mod):  steam://controllerconfig/witcher2/1214459997
Step 2 - Place xinput1_3.dll in the same dir that has the main executable. The purpose of this dll is to block the game from seeing the controller as it will interfer with my xpadder profile. The dll was made in xbox360ce (an open source software). You can make one yourself using this software by simply leaving everything empty.
Step 3 - Patch User.ini with my control scheme. Instruction on what to patch are included in mod.
Step 4 - Mod fist fights. My Xpadder profile is essentially a keyboard and mouse control scheme on a controller. This mean that you will be getting WASD prompts when fist fighting. I found those prompts very confusing, so I modded the Fist fights to give me prompts corresponding to to the controller buttons. There's a precompiled patch for vanilla and FCR2. There's also loose files version for anyone who can't use the precompiled patches. The fist fights need the generic magic button but seeing how B is already dedicated to Aard in my control scheme's default set, I had to make to make an alternate set for fist fighting  that maps B to Magic. You have to switch to it by clicking the right stick and can switch out of it with the shoulder buttons, left trigger or back button (these are button you're likely to press soon after you're done with the fist fight, makes the switch back automatic and avoids you forgetting to switch back to main).


GOG users can enjoy access to Steam's Controller mapping API by adding their GOG game as a third party app in Steam:

  1. Launch Steam (Regular, not sure if you can do this in Big Picture).
  2. Click the Games menu, choose Add a Non-Steam Game to My Library.
  3. Browse for games on your computer or put a check next to the game(s) you wish to add to the Library.
  4. Click on "Add Selected Programs".
  5. If you want to make yourself a shortcut, go to your steam Library and select the newly added program, right click and select "Create Desktop Shortcut" - the desktop shortcut will have an ugly icon, you can right click it and select change icon.
  6. At this point you'll be able to launch game via steam (or the shortcut) and use the controller mapping as if it's a regular Steam game. I beleive the mapping will only kick in if you launch the game through Steam (meaning that if you launch it via game's exe, it won't map).