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Tools that allow you to extract pack0.dzip

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I reupload Gibbed RED Tools as for reasons that remain unknown the file was no longer available to download. I'm not the author of the software. I do this due to the licence agreement that let you redistribute this software freely.

Copyright (c) 2011 Rick (rick 'at' gibbed 'dot' us)

How to use:

1. Start Command Prompt (Start -> cmd -> right-click -> Run as administrator on Command Prompt)
2. Navigate to unpacked Gibed RED Tools folder by cd command:
cd ["Path to unpacked Gibbed RED Tools"]
For example:
cd "C:\Users\Łukasz\Desktop\Gibbed RED Tools"
3. Run following command:
Gibbed.RED.Unpack.exe ["pack0.dzip path"] ["destination folder where the unpacked files will be stored"]
You need to use double apostrophe in case there's space in folder name, e.g.:
C:\Programy\Steam\steamapps\common\the witcher 2\CookedPC
As it is in "the witcher 2" folder. If your names contain no spaces, it is not required to use >>"<<.

The final command should look like this:

cd "C:\Users\Łukasz\Desktop\Gibbed Red Tools-768-\Gibbed RED Tools"
Gibbed.RED.Unpack.exe "E:\pack0.dzip" "E:\w2rozpakowany"