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About this mod

The aim for this mod is to remove any annoyances and keep balancing close to original. Most notable features:

- Auto-loot items.
- Better inventory management.
- More detailed talent descriptions.
- Reduced item weight.
- Less finishers on stunned enemies.
- Always highlight lootable objects.

Permissions and credits
NOTICE: This mod is no longer under active development.

BUGFIX: Save the following file to "[Witcher 2]\CookedPC\Items\", this fixes one of the dark mode schematics (2nd act/tier)...

[Download] (Right-click --> Save As)

Check out my GitHub repository if you want specific code changes, however, please credit me when copying entire sections of code, no need when only using a couple of lines.

* Screenshots are not up-to-date.


Enhanced Mod Compilation Please endorse if you like this mod
The aim for this mod is to remove any annoyances and keep balancing close to original.

General Information

  • Supports all languages.
  • Still balanced.
  • Available in three different flavours, pick the experience you want.


Please leave any feedback (bugs, feature request, etc...) in the appropriate topics found above. No feedback = me assuming there are no bugs.


This is the most basic version and provides a stock experience. No gameplay or balancing changes.

Wanted Feedback:

  • Are there localisation issues, specifically with item tags?

Detailed Descriptions
  • Display level 2 descriptions and mutagens slots on unacquired abilities/talents.

Item Tagging
  • Adds the relevant category in front of the item name, making inventory management a lot easier.
  • Items are grouped together when sorted alphabetically (i.e. runes, oils, armor upgrades are grouped together respectively).
  • Less likely to accidentally sell or drop a quest item (making a future quest unfinishable).

Intro Videos
  • Removed all intro videos except CD Projekt RED.

Bug Fixes
  • Endurance "Cirle of Power" no longer gives wrong effect.
  • Grass around Vergen no longer lights up around player.
Contains all stock features. Goal is to remove any tedious mechanics without it affecting gameplay or balancing in any major way.

Wanted Feedback:

  • Move always glowing objects to Full version, removing it from minimal?

Respec Potion
  • Reset talents using a potion, available at Mysterious Merchant and Bras of Ban Ard.

Dark Mode Effect
  • Removed Dark Mode effect if set is complete, otherwise still happens.
  • Will not receive vitality bonus if incomplete.

  • Automatically loot items with a weight of 0, excluding quest items.
  • The container will glow if any items are left.
  • Containers can be looted more quickly after combat (2 seconds quicker).

Reduced Weight
  • 0 weight recipes, ingredients and junk.

Objects of Interest
  • Lootable objects always glow.
  • Can now use medallion every 2 seconds, still needed to detect other points of interest like quest objectives.

  • Added 5 minute delay for dead bodies to disappear with the exception of Arena.
  • Decreased attacked enemy importance, allowing the player to switch targets more quickly.
  • Learning new skills no longer requires you to meditate on higher difficulties.
Contains all stock and minimal features in addition to some more complex modifications, while still trying to keep the game balanced.

Wanted Feedback:

  • Any overpowered/unwanted items available at Mysterious Merchant / Bras of Ban Ard?
  • Item value changes needed?
  • Increase maximum wager amount for minigames (concerned about balancing, especially with the Dice Poker cheat)?

Upgrade Mutagens
  • Combine multiple Mutagens to upgrade them.
  • Recipes available at Mysterious Merchant and Bras of Ban Ard.

Stunned Enemies
  • Will no longer perform finishers unless target is last enemy.
  • Chance of performing a finisher now 50 percent.
  • Otherwise will skip the finisher by instant killing the target and removing the stun from nearby enemies.

100% Item Chance
  • Chance of items appearing in a merchant's inventory now 100%.
  • Amount of items still randomized.

Mysterious Merchant & Bras of Ban Ard
  • Added all books which are sold by other merchants (all acts).
  • Added items sold by other merchants within the same act, excluding quest items.
  • Added Whetstones, changed value to match items with similar effects.

Dice Poker Cheat
  • Get five-of-a-kind by throwing a "no combinations hand" (i.e. dice outside of board).
  • Will not receive the "Poker!" achievement using this method.

  • Added Newboy's Talisman to Mysterious Merchant in act 1, the quest occasionally bugs out (won't get item).
  • Removed DLC items from new game, specifically Roche's Jacket, Herbalist Gloves, Trousers & Whetstones. These are now sold by Mysterious Merchant (Whetstones also sold by Bras of Ban Ard).
The optional files are all compatible with each other, combine as you like.

Wanted Feedback:

  • Does the 100 percent loot chance actually change anything for you?

Free Crafting:

  • Changes crafting price to 0.

God Mode:
  • Increases health, regeneration and resistances.
  • Great if your stuck on certain missions.

Loot Chance:
  • Increased loot chance to 100 percent.
  • NOTE: Still testing this...

More Plants:
  • Increases base quantity of plants to 6.

Mutagen Slots:
  • Adds a Mutagen slot to all abilities.

Zero Weight:
  • Changes weight of all items to 0.
There is also a beta version before each stable release in order to work out any issues regarding any changes. Please do not download this if you don't want to experience any bugs. For everyone else, please be sure to report any issues so regular users will have a smoother version change.  

All operations are performed in CookedPC, which is inside the installation directory.

For example "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\the witcher 2\CookedPC" if you have the Steam version.


Rename/Backup your base_scripts.dzip file in case you want to uninstall:

  • "base_scripts.dzip" to "base_scripts.dzip.bak", or:
  • Move it somewhere safe.

Extract files to CookedPC, you should not get a "Overwrite?" dialog if you renamed/moved "base_scripts.dzip".


  • 0.4.1 and up: Replace "base_scripts.dzip" and "z_emc_data.dzip" with new versions.
  • 0.4.0 to 0.4.1: Please make sure "emc_data.dzip" is deleted and extract the new "z_emc_data.dzip".
  • 0.3.5 and lower: Remove files previously extracted, specifically those in the "items" and "globals" directories, afterwards extract the new version.

Delete all files previously extracted and restore base_scripts.dzip by either copying your own backup or:

  • Verify local files using steam to download original files.
  • Download the base_scripts backup I've uploaded.

Does this work with Full Combat Rebalanced?

  • Cannot recommend installing these side-by-side, users have reported issues. If you already have FCR installed and want to switch to this mod I recommend you un-install the game, delete any files left inside the installation directory and re-install. FCR modifies a lot of files meaning a regular un-install of that mod won't suffice.

Is this compatible with any other mods?

  • Short answer NO, long answer MAYBE. A lot of files have been modified and the chance of something breaking is rather large. That said, if the other mod doesn't change anything this mod does it will probably be fine (for example: texture and model changes). If you still want to proceed please report any issues found in the forums, I will compile a list based on this feedback. You can also request any features you are missing, I will consider them all (keeping in mind that this mod aims to be balanced). Mod Compatibility.

Which version of the game do I need?

  • All you need is the Enhanced Edition (v3.4), doesn't matter if you have a Retail, Steam or GOG version.

Will you incorporate another mod with this?

See Announcements for any changes made.

Specific code changes can be found on GitHub. Feel free to use any code within this mod, however, please credit me when copying entire sections of code, no need when only using a couple of lines.