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A simple God Mode cheat.

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So I finished Witcher 2 and wanted to check out the various story paths that I didn't take without needing to do side quests and the like, so I made this. Also, its fun to mow stuff down. Enjoy.

Your not quite invincible but when you can cast a 500 minute Quen you might as well be. Huge increase to sign, bomb and trap damage. Only a 10x increase to sword damage for the fights where the game has scenes and events happen at % of you enemies health.

Honestly, very little testing on this but it didn't cause my system to even slow down.

This cheat effects CookedPC\abilities\geralt_basic.xml and will overwrite any mod or cheat that does the same.

Extract to Witcher 2 folder.

Delete geralt_basic.xml from CookedPC\abilities\ in your Witcher 2 folder.