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A more dynamic HUD. v1.3 UPDATE available

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== Dynamic HUD v1.3
== tested with: TW2 Enhanced Edition (GOG, eng, initial release)
== IMPORTANT: The CombatLog must be activated for this mod to work (Options/Gameplay)
== by Presskohle
== Contact: Presskohle @

If you prefer playing without the CombatLog, download the optional version. The CombatLog must still be activated in the options menu, but it won't be visible.

= v1.3
- NEW: fixed Mini Map (no rotation)
= v1.2
- NEW: Arena Mode Support (Dynamic HUD disabled, you're constantly in combat anyway)
- NEW: optional Tutorial Support (primary because of the new HUD behavior)
- CHANGED: HUD behavior. It's now based on CombatActions instead of CombatMode. And, if you want, you now can manually hide the HUD by sheathing your weapon.
= v1.1
- NEW: QuestInfo beneath the Minimap is now hidden by default, visible in Combat (at reduced Alpha) and fully visible when opening the Quickmenu
- FIXED: some HUD Font shenanigans (thx@Kindo)
- FIXED: CombatLog Alpha (thx@slimgrin)
- FIXED: some timing issues

=== DESCRIPTION (v1.0)
- reduced default HUD Elements
- useful HUD Elements fade in & out when engaged in Combat and outside
- Outside of Combat, open the Quick Menu to check on hidden HUD Elements

Check the provided screenshots for more info.

If you're using my other mod "Comfy Couch", please get the updated version which integrates this mod, old/stand-alone "Comfy Couch" versions are not compatible with this mod.

Just copy "dynamichud.dzip" into your "\TW2 installation folder\CookedPC\" folder.

Delete "dynamichud.dzip" from your "\TW2 installation folder\CookedPC\" folder.