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Updates Kamilius\' Mutagenology for patch 2.0.

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MUTAGENOLOGY UPDATE FOR 2.0Authors: EstevaoCM, KamiliusVersion: 2011/10/01


Simple mod that allows you to combine lesser mutagens into more powerful ones (e.g. three Minor Mutagens of Power gives one Mutagen of Power). Combining also requires some additional non-mutagen ingredients.

- HOW TO -

Combining mutagens is possible only by crafting. You need to get a proper schematic first. All schematics were added to Mysterious Merchant Shop and other merchants in-game. Then just ask any craftsman in game to combine mutagens for you.

You CAN'T create Minor Mutagens nor Mutagen of Concentration


Unpack and put "items" folder into your "Witcher 2/CookedPC" directory


Simply delete "items" folder or def_item_schematics.xml, def_item_mutagens.xml and def_shops.xml files in it (in case you have other mods that install do this folder).

- TO DO -

- Tooltips in schematics descriptions
- Fixing journal entries
- Maybe other languages versions?


Originally created by Kamilius, last version v0.3a BETA.



2011/10/01: Applied Kamilius' modifications to the XML files extracted from patch 2.0 of the game.



This mod will NOT work with other mods that change def_item_schematics.xml, def_item_mutagens.xml or def_shops.xml files.


- TIPS -

Buy from the Mysterious Merchant, his prices are always better than other merchants.



Mutagen of Enhancement

Regular = 3x Minor Mutagen of Amplification + 2x Nekker EyesCost: 100
Greater= 3x Mutagen of Amplification + 2x Harphy eyesCost: 200

Muatgen of Range

Regular = 3x Minor Mutagen of Range + 2x Elemental stoneCost: 100

Mutagen of Critical Effect

Regular = 3x Minor Mutagen of Critical Effect + 2x Endriag venomCost: 100
Greater = 3x Mutagen of Critical Effect + 2x Death essenceCost: 200

Mutagen of Vitality

Regular = 3x Minor Mutagen of Vitality + 2x Water essenceCost: 100
Greater= 3x Mutagen of Vitality + 2x Nekker HeartCost: 200

Mutagen of Power

Regular= 3x Minor Mutagen of Power + 2x Endriag embryoCost: 100
Greater= 3x Mutagen of Power+ 2x Necrophage bloodCost: 200

Mutagen of Strength

Regular = 3x Minor Mutagen of Strength + 2x Drowner BrainCost: 100
Greater= 3x Mutagen of Strength+ 2x Necrophage eyesCost: 200

Mutagen of Madness

3x Major Mutagen of Power
Regular = 3x Major Mutagen of Strength+ 1x Crab spider eyesCost: 400
3x Major Mutagen of Vitality

Mutagen of Concentration

- not possible to create -